My parents!


I always knew, how important it is, that they are there. Every day I felt, how good it is, they see only. Always wondered, How much consolation is her kind smile. Today, I remember, how soothing her presence was. Many missing, How much poorer would we be without them. Now I know, that their love is a gift from heaven. Many parents know, We would tell them in time: You're the best. Because they love us – long before they know us.

Children learn – what they experience!


If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn. If children live with hostility, they learn to fight. If children live with fear, they learn, anxious to be. If children live with pity, they learn, with self pity to have. If children live with ridicule , they learn, to be shyness . If children live with jealousy , they learn, was Neid ist. If children live with shame , they learn, feel guilty . If children live with tolerance , they learn, to be patient . Wenn Kinder mit  [...]

I am looking for my tribe


The people of my tribe are easily recognized. They walk upright, have spark in his eyes and a smile to the lips. They are neither holy nor enlightened. They went through their own hell, have their own shadows and demons looked, adopted and disclosed.

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Helping you finding genealogists and historians on Google+Verzeichnis für Genealogen und Geschichtler!

Google – In dieses Verzeichnis können sich alle Genealogen und Geschichtler eintragen, die mit einem Klick gefunden werden möchten. 1.) Unten auf Edit gehen 2.) Dann das Passwort Gast* eingeben 3.) Nun Euer Google Profil eintragen 4.) Mit Save speichern 5.) Fertig!   Google+ Counter helps you discovering new people, trends and stats. Make sure your profile is included by adding it to the index at! I created a directory for genealogists and historians. Now everyone can add his profile. You just need the  [...]