Historic Anniversaries

Chronicle of the events of the year 1940


In dem Digitalisat können die Ereignisse des Jahres 1940 be read together as a calendar, especially to the military events, foreign policy events, all about party and state..

Cologne stone history book 200 Years Melatenfriedhof

"Funerals Agrippinenses sacred place – the bones of the Cologne is a sacred place " – it is to read about one of the portals. What the Americans and the French of Arlington Pere Lachaise, this is for the Cologne Melatenfriedhof. This year he is 200 Years old… Has begun the history of the cemetery – as much in the Rhineland – mit Napoleon. The municipal cemeteries were hotbeds of disease and pests. Therefore saw the "Napoleonic Burial Regulations" prior to closing and settlement called remote central cemeteries. Auch in  [...]

Students of the Fallen 2. World War II

List of casualties from the University of Münster with names and date

Historic wedding photos

The “Thüringer Allgemeine” presented in their galleries including a photo gallery with currently 276 historic wedding photos, the “beautiful day” des Lebens aus längst vergangenen Zeiten. Darin wird so mancher Familienforscher vielleicht ja seine eigene Familiengeschichte wiederentdecken können.

Holocaust Gedenktag

66 Years after the liberation of Auschwitz on 27.1.1945 – and raised by President Roman Herzog Memorial Day – I would like to introduce you to some helpful websites for genealogists: JewishGen offers to its databases, the ability to research, To find family members with Jewish ancestry. suite101.com is also a website with “Holocaust Genealogy Resources” JewishGen Holocaust Global Registry, with search by Holocaust survivors About.com, Search for victims and survivors of Auschwitz victims names list and database of Holocaust victims and Jewish immigrants, the largest Holocaust database with many pictures and documents[...]