Sphragistische aphorisms (300 medieval seal)


Friedrich Karl I. Joseph, Prince of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst was born the son of Prince Charles Albert III. and his wife Leopoldine, Princess of Fürstenberg on 5. More 1814 in Stuttgart. He was a member of the House of Hohenlohe, and he is considered one of the major German heraldry and researchers sigillography. In 1857 He began his research sphragistic. His role models were Lisch, Lepsius, Stillfried and Vossberg, just to name a few. The purpose of his endeavor was, German officials in the archive description[...]

The arms of the patrician Brunswick- Rats and gender


The genealogies of the old patrician- Council and families can be found in the database in detailed form. Literature: Reidemeister, Sophie: Brunswick patrician genealogies- Rats and gender, Edited by Werner spit, Brunswick: Johann Heinrich Meyer 1948

The history of the seal


The seal system of the ancient and medieval times, a uniform, inherited from generation to generation, continuous institution. Here, the average age consumed in its first half of the work of the ancients, because it used the amount in traditional ancient stone carvings. In the second half after the transition to the metal punch craft skills developed enormously. The most significant cultural and historic period in the history of the seal system begins with this era. In this book are detailed examples of the development of forms and types of seals being, with the various seal species and their[...]

The majesty of the imperial nobility Germans


Three-volume work with a variety of ancestral samples of Damian Hatard. The sample needle (and ancestry) is a documentary proof of noble descent or a person of one sex. The first major evidence was the ancestor 12. Century on the ability of the tournament; He was the proof of descent from four ritterbürtigen ancestors and the laying of a coat made dependent on sample. Later, certain functions reserved for the nobility, I know in Ritterorden, Cathedral chapters and pens (Pin capability), Medals and pins for noblewomen, Hofwürden (of. B. Treasurer dignity, Hofzutritt) and the ability of parliament in the class[...]

Armorial Valaisan: Welsh armorial


Of course, the family coat of arms are the arms of the great feudal families, the oldest. At its peak here is the house of Savoy, had several hundred years, extensive possessions in Rottental. A seal of the Year 1143 Archives of the Abbey of St. Maurice is also the oldest known seal of this Dynastenfamilie and indeed one of the first crest documents. The civic coat of arms before 1600 in the Upper Valais, mix of house signs, Family marks her, were performed gradually drawing. Craft and residence gave rise to another crest. In the 17. Century was to[...]