Göttingen house brands and family coat of arms


Göttingen is probably in the year 1209 by the Count Palatine Henry (Son of Henry the Lion) the city charter and get out of this time is the old city seal: It shows a right to the side of the viewer striding lions (the emblem of Guelph dukes) under a pointy roofed with three square towers occupied arc. The central tower is a single storey, wider and higher than the other and stuck with a knob, the sides are two stories, each with 4 Glazed windows and stuck with a Kreuchen. Between the towers[...]

Collection on the genealogy of the Bavarian nobility


Johann Michael Wilhelm of Prey (1690-1747) has with the Bavarian nobility genealogy under the signature BSB Cgm 2290, the most comprehensive collection ever compiled.

The Herald Otto Titan von Hefner and his works


Otto Titan von Hefner was in 1827 Born in Munich and was, Like his father, historian. In particular, as he made his name heraldist. To his major work includes the four volumes of the Stud Book thriving aristocracy in Germany. It appeared from 1860.

Seal of medieval Poland, Lithuania, Silesia, Pomerania and Prussia


A contribution to the promotion of diplomatic, genealogical, numismatic and art-historical studies of Slavic originally part of the Prussian monarchy, with historical notes and a detailed description of each seal. The work begins with the seal of Duke Leszek the Wise, which 1194 upon the death of his father, Kazimierz the righteous even in childhood was. In this book we find the descriptions and seal of Duke Conrad of Mazovia, König Przemyslaw II., the Queen of Poland Richeza. She was the daughter of Count Palatine of the Rhine's Ezo (+ 1035) and Mechthild[...]

Seal of the Middle Ages from the archives of the city of Lübeck


Issue 1, 1856: Holstein and Lauenburg city seal issue 2, 1857: Mecklenburg towns of medieval seal issue 3, 1859: Holstein and Lauenburg city seal, Seal of noble families booklet 4, 1860: Mecklenburg towns Seal, Seal of noble families booklet 5, 1862: Holstein and Lauenburg Siegel, Seal of noble families booklet 6, 1864: Holstein and Lauenburg Siegel, Seal of noble families booklet 7.1 1865: Holstein and Lauenburg Siegel, Seal of noble families booklet 7.2, 1865: Siegel Lübeck citizens of the Middle Ages booklet 8, 1870: Seal of the Holstein-Schauenburg Counts from the Middle Ages booklet 9, 1871: Seal the Holstein Schauenburger[...]