Augustana armorial


Those: Augustana armorial of Sigmund Gossembrot, Mayor of Augsburg – BSB Cgm 98 of 1469

Bavarian Loew: Historic and Heraldic Register of Bavarian gymnasts and heroes


Bavarian Loew: Historic and Heraldic Register of Bavarian gymnasts and heroes..

German princes- Knights of the album and Marian Knight Chapel in Haßfurt


The Knights Chapel Haßfurt is one of the most important late-Gothic buildings of Lower Franconia. The choir of the sacred building is three-fold from a frieze coat, with a total 248 medieval heraldic shields moved.

The coat of arms Petiscus in Heidelberg


The coat of arms Petiscus (here on a design by Martin Kortmann) has been used for over 250 Years out. The Electoral Rechenrat Philip Jacob Petiscus in Heidelberg has used the crest as a seal and put it on 1640 next to his signature in all documents. It is unfortunately not be determined whether even the father of the named, Rector of the University of Heidelberg, Simon Petiscus, This coat of arms led. The contents of the emblem stands in close connection with the ev. ref. Belief, their supporters from the evidence to Heidelberg[...]

For the family crest Alemann


Kaiser Rudolph II. said on 9. March 1602 living in Germany “Alemänner” Johann Martin, Hans Christoph, Martin, Hans Moritz, Jacob, Moritz, Kaspar Ebeling, Abel and Joachim Heinrich and all their legitimate offspring born to right-feudal- and fellow tournament and knightly gentlemen. He increased and improved its altadeliges ancestral coat of arms and gave them the title “of”.