Nuremberg armorial: Collection of coats of arms of Civil stalls from Nuremberg and elsewhere


In addition to the nobility developed in 18. Century bourgeoisie, that his position solely to their own performance within the company founded. This new layer of society, economy, Art or science class differences by trying to run a coat of arms blur. Of course there was also for the ulterior motives of a later Nobilierung. Tyroff for the occasion was enough, 1783 this work with civic coat of arms (Civil-stands) issue. Those: Tyroff, Martin: Collection of coats of arms of civil stalls from Nuremberg and elsewhere, Nürnberg Anno 1783

Conrad Green Mountain, armorial


Found at Archivalia: Conrad Green Mountain's emblem book, finished 1483, with 2293 coats-of-arms and crests of european nobles, southern german knightly families, and imaginary arms. The two manuscripts also contain several miniatures and a few textual passages.

Armorial of the Prussian Rhine Province


Christian Samuel Theodor Bernd had been 1811 worked at the library in Wroclaw, was 1813 a professorship, only in Kalisz at the high school and two years later at a school in Poznan.

Baltic coat of arms Calendar 1902


Baltic nobility, Coat calendar

Collection of the Wapen adeliga lineages


Collection of Wapen for adeliga lineages that are introduced on the Grand Duchy of Finland Nobility. The description above the adeliga ätters escutcheons, which are entered on the Grand-Duchy of Finland Nobility, along with short task over ätternas age and progenitors I-II, Sjögren, P. 1840-1843 (Description of arms of noble families of the Grand Duchy of Finland, with notices of the age and origin of these families)