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Collection of the Wapen adeliga lineages

7. January 2011

Collection of Wapen for adeliga lineages that are introduced on the Grand Duchy of Finland Nobility. The description above the adeliga ätters escutcheons, hvilka finnas [...]

Augustana armorial

27. November 2010

Those: Augustana armorial of Sigmund Gossembrot, Mayor of Augsburg - BSB Cgm 98 of [...]

For the family crest Alemann

10. September 2010

Kaiser Rudolph II. said on 9. March 1602 living in Germany “Alemänner” Johann Martin, Hans Christoph, Martin, Hans Moritz, Jacob, Moritz, Kaspar [...]

Styrian armorial 1567

7. September 2010

Armorial, in them old spiritual Melaten, Men and Landsleut from the laudable principality Steyer, printed by Zacharias Bartsch, Printmaker, reissued [...]
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