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Frederick William I. Colonization of plant in Lithuania, notably the Salzburg colony

Must have been dismal state of Lithuania during and after the plague be. Some descriptions, it sounds so terrible, may still fall short of the truth. The historians calculated the loss to 80.000 Souls, others even give a sum of 200.000 Victims in East Prussia at all; in the main office alone Insterburg 66.000, in the Official Ragnit 28.000. Lucanus […]

The history of the nobility as a cemetery

In every great historical movement, the nobility played an important role; In general, it was that of a stubborn and doomed opponent of all progressive forces, have directed their attention to the historian – an opponent of the monarchy and its management arrangements, of trade- and economic thinking, of the rising middle class pictures, dessen Wertvorstellungen sich durchsetzten und […]

Genealogy and genetics

The system of the individual is a branch gewissermßen on his family tree! Only in the context of lineage and kinship is their special way of course genetically. The concept of family has two meanings: either it refers to the marriage together survivors and their descendants or the consanguineous carrier of the same name. Die Begriffe Familie und Blutsverwandtschaft […]

Bismarck – His life and work

5 Bd. 1885-1890 up to the resignation of Prince: Full, pragmatically ordered collection of speeches, Dispatches, Political letters and state papers of the Prince / presented in documents and facts of the prince's own rallies by Ludwig Hahn: Published by Wilhelm Hertz, 1891 Bismarck, His life and political activity: 3 Bd. to 1879: Full, pragmatisch geordnete Sammlung der […]

Between empire state stem and caste domination: The Count of Stolberg and their relationship to the Landgrave of Thuringia

With the emergence of the medieval feudal system was the emergence of the landlords as economic and legal form of organization of the land associated. Of these, based on the classic manors lordships differed qualitatively the form of rule of the counts and the noble lords or. Dynasten, a kind of hybrid position between them and the emerging dominance of the country's rulers took.

The sex ratio of births in Prussia

In Prussia during the years of 1875 to 1887 on average 100 Girl 106,305 Boys born. This research study examines the influence of the seasons, the religion of their parents, Status, and occupation of parents. It examines the reasons for illegitimate births and stillbirths for, sowie das Verhältnis von Geborenen in der Stadt und auf dem […]

Bohemia landtäflicher property

In addition to an introductory statement on landtäflichen property, All owners are listed alphabetically with their vested interests. There follows a description of the property tax regime in the Kingdom of Bohemia with the end of the year 1885, followed with a graphical representation of the large landowners and a land tax map of Bohemia. Author: Prochazka, John F. Prague 1886 Self-published (Download)

The German printers of the fifteenth century

One of the products described in this book printer Moritz Brandis. His first full printing, dated “Breviary Brandenburg Ensenada” appeared on 15. Novewmber of the Year 1488. His last Leipzig pressure was Sachsenspiegel, he on 10. July 1490 at the expense of the Magdeburg bookseller Hans Loer and Professor Christoph Küppner completed. From these and other creditors harassed, […]

Historical sources on the history of Livand, Estonia and Courland

In the high Middle Ages began the subjugation of the Baltic country by the Knights since the beginning of the 13. First century of Riga (Livonian Order) from 1226 Also of Kulm in today's Poland and the Baltic penetrated up to 1300 large areas were brought under their rule. As a "German-Baltic", the former German-speaking elite in the provinces of Livonia, Kurland […]

Genealogy of the Lords of Holzschuher Harrlach of 1748 bite 1786

The work begins with Carl Siegmund Elias Holzschuher of Harrlach, Born on 2.2.1713, which 1743 Land Assessor pm- and farmers and the court was 21.10.1755 died. He was married to Helena Catharina, the daughter of Hans Friedrich wooden spoon by Colberg, Wag- and Customs and the bailiff in the court of Maria Catharina, Born on 14.6.1713. Berichtet wird über […]

Chronicle of the trades

As trades are trade or profession and civil engineering activities referred to. Within genealogical research we encounter regularly these terms, so I'd like to introduce the appropriate literature. And it is this multi-volume work provides the title of Chronicle of the trades, welches akribisch nach Forschungen in den alten Quellensammlungen und Archiven vieler Städte Deutschlands und der […]

Genealogical job titles

Every genealogist deals within his research with the occupations in his ancestors. Nice, that there are illustrations to: First Quartet is an old card game. It contains 40 Professions as drawings, small even with a spell are highlighted. At 1568 was the “Actual description of all objects on earth” published by Hans Sachs. Er hatte zu […]