Social History

Matriculation of the manors from all circles of the Prussian State


Die Namen der Besitzer der einzelnen Güter sind aufgenommen worden mit Angabe wie lange sich die Güter im Familienbesitz befanden.

The ruling class in the Middle Ages


Been employed in the present work is influenced by the author with the question of which individuals and groups through which people Regierungsentschlüsse at various times are. The result is a comprehensive picture of the feudal structure of our nation since the Middle Ages.

Frederick William I. Colonization of plant in Lithuania, notably the Salzburg colony

Must have been dismal state of Lithuania during and after the plague be. Some descriptions, it sounds so terrible, may still fall short of the truth. The historians calculated the loss to 80.000 Souls, others even give a sum of 200.000 Victims in East Prussia at all; in the main office alone Insterburg 66.000, in the Official Ragnit 28.000. Lucanus und Schubert hingegen nennen andere Zahlen. It was decided to re-establishment of the deserted country to colonize. Initially, each settler was, the “desert places” took, in the vernacular and the authorities over “Settler”. Auch  [...]

The history of the nobility as a cemetery

In every great historical movement, the nobility played an important role; In general, it was that of a stubborn and doomed opponent of all progressive forces, have directed their attention to the historian – an opponent of the monarchy and its management arrangements, of trade- and economic thinking, of the rising middle class pictures, whose values ​​are set by the emergence of a modern and historical research made possible only. Hereditary elites, one might term the “Adel” define, have always been involved, the European past to make. The fate of various[...]

Genealogy and genetics

The system of the individual is a branch gewissermßen on his family tree! Only in the context of lineage and kinship is their special way of course genetically. The concept of family has two meanings: either it refers to the marriage together survivors and their descendants or the consanguineous carrier of the same name. The concepts of family and kinship are indeed closely, be separated, however methodical. About family relationships, Generational relationships and methods of family research is all in this downloadable book..