Social History

The poll tax description of the principalities of Gottingen and Calenberg Grubenhagen 1689

In the years 1664, 1675, 1678, 1686 and 1689 the people were burdened, because the ruler of the Principality-Calenberg-Göttingen, the poll tax rose to the war fund to supplement.

Personal data of the teachers of Prussia named Rambow and Liesegang

The database of the library for Research on Educational History of the German Institute for International Educational Research currently contains approximately. 190.000 Evidence of teachers and teachers from three different traditions of Prussia: The elementary school teacher index begins with the birth year 1856 for the districts of Berlin and Opole, for from Königsberg 1860, from Liegnitz for 1861, from Wroclaw 1862, from Potsdam 1866, off for Gumbinnen 1867 and for other counties 1870. In the collection of personnel records are the teachers of higher schools of Prussia united. There[...]

Matrikelkarten Vorpommern 1692-1698

In diesem Buch zum herunterladen geht es um die sogenannten Schwedischen Matrikelkarten von Vorpommern und umfassen das westliche Pommern, as it had fallen in the Peace of Westphalia, the King of Sweden as a sovereign. Even by the low assignment of the Peace of St. Germain (1679) It was hardly decreased and remained until his 1720. Thus refers to the country from the northern tip of Rügen to the Oder and even a little further. Ursprünglich hatte der König von Schweden im Westfälischen Frieden auch rechs der unteren Oder und Dievenow  [...]