Social History

Historical sources on the history of Livand, Estonia and Courland

In the high Middle Ages began the subjugation of the Baltic country by the Knights since the beginning of the 13. First century of Riga (Livonian Order) from 1226 Also of Kulm in today's Poland and the Baltic penetrated up to 1300 large areas were brought under their rule. As a "German-Baltic", the former German-speaking elite in the provinces of Livonia, Courland and Estonia called. Below I have listed books, dealing exclusively with the historical course of this Baltic countries.

Forbidden Books, Textbooks, Journals. Forbidden to literature 1945

This is a list of books, after 1945 were banned. The Teacher Training College in Brunswick has identified herein in their inventory books available. The year of publication of this list is unknown, as. 1945/46.

Genealogy of the Lords of Holzschuher Harrlach of 1748 bite 1786

The work begins with Carl Siegmund Elias Holzschuher of Harrlach, Born on 2.2.1713, which 1743 Land Assessor pm- and farmers and the court was 21.10.1755 died. He was married to Helena Catharina, the daughter of Hans Friedrich wooden spoon by Colberg, Wag- and Customs and the bailiff in the court of Maria Catharina, Born on 14.6.1713. It covers the ancestors and siblings lines and lines of extinct.

Chronicle of the trades

As trades are trade or profession and civil engineering activities referred to. Within genealogical research we encounter regularly these terms, so I'd like to introduce the appropriate literature. And it is this multi-volume work provides the title of Chronicle of the trades, which has been meticulously developed by research in the old spring collections and archives of many cities in Germany and Switzerland. H.A. Berlepsch, Publisher Scheitlin & Zollikofer, St. Gallen    

Genealogical job titles

Jeder Genealoge beschäftigt sich innerhalb seiner Forschungen auch mit den ausgeübten Berufen seiner Vorfahren. Nice, that there are illustrations to: First Quartet is an old card game. It contains 40 Professions as drawings, small even with a spell are highlighted. At 1568 was the “Actual description of all objects on earth” published by Hans Sachs. He had written a rhyme for every job and every job was illustrated by Jost Amman. For the year 1690 come about as the. 100 Etchings of professions, ebenfalls mit Sprüchen versehen  [...]