Social History

The sex ratio of births in Prussia

In Prussia during the years of 1875 to 1887 on average 100 Girl 106,305 Boys born. This research study examines the influence of the seasons, the religion of their parents, Status, and occupation of parents. It examines the reasons for illegitimate births and stillbirths for, and the ratio of births in the city and the countryside. Author: Carl Düsing, Scientific studies in the State, Band 3, Issue 6, Jena 1890 (Download) Complementing these surveys, it should be mentioned the following work: Tabular news about the population of[...]

Chronicle of the Counts of the Mark and the archbishops of Cologne

The Counts of the Mark were a side line of the Counts of Berg, or. Count of Altena-Berg. In addition to the main line of the Counts of the Mark and later the Dukes of Jülich, Cleves and Berg, Gender also presented the lines of the House of Arenberg, the Earl of Schleiden, the Dukes of Bouillon and prince of Sedan. (Carefully compiled from manuscripts, improved and completed by Carl Philipp Ludwig Tross) The author of this work is: Levoldus Northof, Hamm 1859, Self-published (Download)

Bohemia landtäflicher property

In addition to an introductory statement on landtäflichen property, All owners are listed alphabetically with their vested interests. There follows a description of the property tax regime in the Kingdom of Bohemia with the end of the year 1885, followed with a graphical representation of the large landowners and a land tax map of Bohemia. Author: Prochazka, John F. Prague 1886 Self-published (Download)

The German printers of the fifteenth century

One of the products described in this book printer Moritz Brandis. His first full printing, dated “Breviary Brandenburg Ensenada” appeared on 15. Novewmber of the Year 1488. His last Leipzig pressure was Sachsenspiegel, he on 10. July 1490 at the expense of the Magdeburg bookseller Hans Loer and Professor Christoph Küppner completed. From these and other creditors harassed, Moritz Brandis fled to Magdeburg, from where he 1491-1504 was quite successful in. In the judicial distribution of confiscated Sachsenspiegel got a brother of the debtor 30 Copies, Loer and Küppner[...]

Result of the census of 3. December 1861 in the Duchy of Brunswick

With the tables on the movement of population (Marriages, Births and deaths) in the duchy of Braunschweig state of detachment, Separationen etc.. at the end of the year 1862 and tables on the movement of population during the years 1859-1862