Social History

The Basic Book of the City Dirschau

Dirschau was founded in Pomeranian time, was 1308 the Teutonic Knights, was 1433 destroyed by the Hussites and elected in the year 1454 together with the other Prussian cities, the King of Poland to his patron. At the 4. October 1577 plundered the supporters of the Polish king, the city and set it on fire, so that within three to four hours, all was destroyed Dirschau. In the two Swedish-Polish war was more important than Dirschau place on the Vistula often the focus of military events, litt unter  [...]

Bismarck – His life and work

5 Bd. 1885-1890 up to the resignation of Prince: Full, pragmatically ordered collection of speeches, Dispatches, Political letters and state papers of the Prince / presented in documents and facts of the prince's own rallies by Ludwig Hahn: Published by Wilhelm Hertz, 1891 Bismarck, His life and political activity: 3 Bd. to 1879: Full, pragmatically ordered collection of speeches, Dispatches, State Papers and Letters of political Furstenberg, illustrated by Ludwig Hahn, Publisher William Hertz 1881 Bismarck, his political life and work : 5 Bd. 1885-1890 to resignation[...]

Between empire state stem and caste domination: The Count of Stolberg and their relationship to the Landgrave of Thuringia

With the emergence of the medieval feudal system was the emergence of the landlords as economic and legal form of organization of the land associated. Of these, based on the classic manors lordships differed qualitatively the form of rule of the counts and the noble lords or. Dynasten, a kind of hybrid position between them and the emerging dominance of the country's rulers took.

The professors at the University of Giessen considered genealogical

The story of the professor's gallery on the year 1629 back, So was the time in which the University of Giessen to Marburg moved. (1624-1650) From the 25. More 1625 to 5. More 1650 pulled the university because of the plague and the 30-year war to Marburg, between 1633 they stayed for 12 Months, again casting. The existing gallery in this paper is shown only schematically. Much more interesting are the genealogical research on this. Here are the relationships uncovered within the Giessen faculty population. They form a perfect example[...]

259 German budget books out of prepaid access the journal “After work” In the years 1911-1913

To match the current political debates and economic crisis as Hartz IV, the value of private sector reporting packages for the acquisition of the living conditions of the population and for the knowledge of the extent and nature of consumption has not been previously overlooked!