Legal History

Berlin 23. September 1920: Brutal murder and robbery in the street line


Haftbiografien Lebensumstände und Schicksale von den eigenen Vorfahren sind spannend und zum Teil recht bewegend, that they can also be shocking, I note just during my research in Berlin and Brandenburg. When searching for family members that may come from the resin, I came across a spectacular murder case! But read for yourself… Ein Mörderbrief aus der Fremdenlegion An ein Kapitalverbrechen in Berlin erinnert ein Brief, now the chief inspector Trettin received from a foreign legionnaire. The letter states: First, a nice greeting. Bin  [...]

Royal Saxon Gendarmerie Journal of 1860 to 1900


Every six months, published in the Official Journal of the exact notices of offenses, Subpoenas, Wanted posters, or tenders. What: SLUB Dresden    

Bluntschli's state dictionary in three volumes : based on d. dt. State dictionary of Bluntschli u. Brater in 11 Volumes


Johann Caspar Bluntschli (7. March 1808 in Zurich – 21. October 1881 in Karlsruhe) was a Swiss legal scholar and politician, Germany was also active in the. His works “General State Law 1852″ and the “German state dictionary” in 11 Volumes (1857–1870, together with Karl Brater) found in the whole world wide attention.

Henry Louis Gude: Topographical and genealogical descriptions of most European countries


Of Rendsburg-born Ludwig Heinrich Gude (+ Hall 27.11.1707) are the following works with the topographical and genealogical descriptions of European States

Chronicle of the events of the year 1940


In dem Digitalisat können die Ereignisse des Jahres 1940 be read together as a calendar, especially to the military events, foreign policy events, all about party and state..