Legal History

List of all members of the 11. April 1847 opened in Berlin united Landtag


Alphabetical List of Members (Deputies) the Prussian United Diet. The list includes 611 Names of delegates, the individual provinces represented. The names can be downloaded here.

The World War 1914 to 1918


The present volume 1 the mobilization and the course of the war in the border battles in the West shows. The German operations against Russia until mid-September 1914 form the contents to Volume 2. Its essential part is the fighting of 8. Armee in Ostpreussen. These books describe the Marne campaign and that the third volume of the operations of the German army to the border battles of the Sambre to the Marne, while the fourth volume contains the account of the battle itself and the withdrawal. Diese Ereignisse voll  [...]

Database of the German Reichstag deputies

This project includes the Reichstag deputies 5211 People records, from the Reichstag parliament Alma potatoes and manuals of the years 1867 – 1938 come. This basic data (standardized name, Date of birth, Birthplace, Sex) , the variable data of the individual election periods (Party affiliation, Name Changes, Residential- Places and activities, Constituencies, Confessions, Occupations, biographical breaks, Portraits) assigned. The search for personal names and selection of groups is possible. The biographical breaks can be searched in full text. Those:

German Parliament Almanac


We Wilhelm, Grace of God German Emperor, King of Prussia prescribe hereby on behalf of the German Reich, with the consent of the Bundesrat and the Reichstag what follows….. In place of the contract agreed between the North German Confederation and the grand duchies of Baden and Hesse, the German Federal Constitutional (Federal Law Gazette of the year 1870) and with the kingdoms of Bavaria and Württemberg, on the accession to the Constitution treaties concluded by 23. and 25. November 1870, enters the accompanying constitutional charter for the German Reich…

The Verfestungsbuch the city of Stralsund

The series published by the Historical Society of the Hanseatic history sources Stralsund city opened a book, which served the criminal justice. Even before the 14. Century, the site recorded in Stralsund by the court made fixations on single sheets of parchment. Only then was laid on its own for the reception of certain solidifications books: so in Rostock seit 1319, in Wismar since 1353 and since in Stralsund 1310, while they seem to be in Greifswald the old system of registration in the general city remained faithful to book. Veröffentlicht sind vollständige Verfestigungsbücher bisher nur  [...]