3000 Years old: The oldest documented genetic family tree of the world


ZDFinfo shows the most spectacular criminal cases and the latest techniques of DNA analysis For genealogists, the DNA analysis is invaluable. Example Südharz Lichtenstein cave (Start the video at minute ZDF 29:30) Here was found a hidden cave entrance. The column is only 30 cm. Deep in the mountains an incredible discovery! Of bone 40 People, well preserved in the cold, covered by ice crystals. On Johann Friedrich Blumenbach Institute of Zoology and Anthropology at Göttingen was cracked in an elaborate study of the genetic code. The skeletons are 3000 Jahre  [...]

Royal Saxon Gendarmerie Journal of 1860 to 1900


Every six months, published in the Official Journal of the exact notices of offenses, Subpoenas, Wanted posters, or tenders. What: SLUB Dresden    

Handwriting: Historical information about the council people in Stralsund with aristocratic pedigrees and letters


Collection of all kinds of documents, Adel Briefing, milden Veterum Monumental virorum. Foundations and other strange articles:

Theodore Kallmeyer: The evangelical churches and preachers Kurland


, Pastor in Landsen, has a large part of his life spent, To collect materials on the history of the Lutheran Churches of Courland Courland and a.

The Golden Book of the City of Slupsk (Pomerania)


The city of Slupsk 600 Anniversary of the dedicated officers of the Hussar Regiment of Prince Blucher Wahlstatt (Download) Here are the guests of honor wore a city