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Sources on the history of the city of Cologne (6 Volumes)

Die Geschichte von Köln reicht von der Römerzeit bis in unsere Tage hinein. With all the big-time issues and all world-historical turning points, the city had its meaning! In Cologne show from Augustus to the collapse of the Roman Empire, the gloss, aber auch seine Schwäche. All stations are equipped with a register, and with wonderful illustrations (Seal) […]


History and monuments of the city of Tallinn to Sweden at the beginning of the reign

The history of Reval under the Swedish and Russian rule beginning of the Danish government (1219-1227) The interregnum of the Sword and the Order establishing the City (1227-1238) The other rule of the Danes to the beginning of the Order of Time (1238-1346) Trade relations Reval's time to Danes The internal state of the city of Reval Reval during the rule of the Order (1346-1561) The time to Plettenberg (1346-1494) The […]


Monumenta Livoniae Antiquae

Monumenta Livoniae Antiquae : Collection of chronicles, Report, Documents and other written memorials and essays, which to explain the history of Liv-, Ehst- and Kurland's serve. Bd. 1-2, Bd. 4-5, Riga, Leipzig and Dorpat: Edited by Edward bookstore Frantzen, 1835-1847 Bd. 1 Bd. 2 Bd. 4 Bd. 5Like this:Like Loading…


Poloniae Monumenta historica = Memorials of Polish history

These six works were published during the period 1864 to 1893 and form one of the most important sources of Polish history. The author August Bielowski (1806-1876) were the first three volumes out with cops and inscriptions of the grave stones, or the earliest mention of the Slavs in this area. Die anderen Bände wurden von einer Gruppe der Akademie der […]

List of evangelical parishes, Churches, Chapels and clergy in Pomerania

Those: Bretschneider, August: List of evangelical parishes, Churches and chapels, Church of the cartridge and the Protestant ministers in office at the province of Pomerania : stating the occupation rights of parishes, Szczecin: Louis Verlag Pasenow, 1924 (With a name list of the clergy, the churches and chapels)Like this:Like Loading…

The Bayreuth Book of Ordination 1612-1821

The Bayreuth ordination book is a valuable source for the history of the Church. The entries refer mainly to the parishes of the county of Mark Brandenburg, including the prior 1610 of Brandenburg-Ansbach associated deaneries Neustadt and Baiersdorf. All ordinations contained in the Kulmbach matriculation are also found in Bayreuth ordination book. The work was published as a single work in the history of the Church in Bavaria, im Auftrag des […]


Scripture Atlas: a collection of the most important writing- and documents from ancient and modern

The font – the mediator of thought and word – is also the most important carrier of culture and science. It is the spiritual bond, which brought in the most ancient times the great minds of their people in relation, bis Johann Gutenberg durch die Erfindung der Druckschrift das geristige Leben des Mittelalters zu ungeahnten […]


The history of the manor Herrengrebin

Herrengrebin is the only estate in the district Danzig Basin area of ​​the free city. In the most 31.12.1834 completed matriculation of the appearance in the state of chivalry was also empowering products listed Herrengrebin. The Good (previously always Grebin) was first 1273 as “Grabino” mentioned, as the Duke of Pomerania Mestwin the village to Christian, den Schwiegervater […]


Diplomatics : Catechism of the Diplomatics, Paleography, Chronology and sphragistics

Each tradition has been accrediting facts either orally conveyed through narrative or through written record. The oral tradition is the essence of the deed nothing in common; the written record, however, can either have the character of a simple narration of a fact, and in this case narrative, Chronicle. Auch dieses schriftliche Zeugnis deckt sich nicht mit dem […]