Local History

Elbląg yearbook : Journal of the Elbląg ancient society and the municipal collections to Elblag


Published by the Commission Publisher Thomas & Oppermann, Königsberg 1919-1941, Author: Bruno Ehrlich Issue 1, Year 1919/1920 Issue 2, Year 1921/1922 Issue 3, Year 1923 Issue 4, Year 1924

Digitized yearbooks of the Brunswick Historical Society from 1902-2004


The Brunswick Historical Society now exists since the year 1901 and has since different , some periodical publications on regional history of the space between resin , Lüneburg Heath and Weser published .

Die Prestinari: Italian immigrants of 17. and 18. Century in Germany

At the turn of 17. and 18. Century a strong immigration of Italians in Germany. There were some craftsmen, especially skilled workers in the field of construction (Builder, Plasterers, Painters and chimney) There were also merchants and traders (Tropical fruit) They came from many prestigious, even the country's aristocratic families belonging to northern Italy, the result of warlike complications and difficult economic conditions in their own home did not have satisfactory income. They started in Germany, often with minimal resources, brachten es aber durch ihre Tüchtigkeit häufig in kürzester Zeit  [...]

3000 Years old: The oldest documented genetic family tree of the world


ZDFinfo shows the most spectacular criminal cases and the latest techniques of DNA analysis For genealogists, the DNA analysis is invaluable. Example Südharz Lichtenstein cave (Start the video at minute ZDF 29:30) Here was found a hidden cave entrance. The column is only 30 cm. Deep in the mountains an incredible discovery! Of bone 40 People, well preserved in the cold, covered by ice crystals. On Johann Friedrich Blumenbach Institute of Zoology and Anthropology at Göttingen was cracked in an elaborate study of the genetic code. The skeletons are 3000 Jahre  [...]

History leaves for town and country Magdeburg : Communications of the Association for History and Archaeology


In Magdeburg, with its significant history, had a circle of like-minded men to the Director of Domgymnasium Samuel Frederick Henry Wiggert (1791-1871) formed