Local History

The Engelbrecht family in Ilsenburg

For centuries, the name Engelbrecht closely linked with the history Ilsenburg. Peter Engelbrecht was black Burgi Counts shear Office Schösser to Sondershausen, Blades and Straußberg. His son was, it was christened the family tradition and in the name of Peter. The same came as a copyist early in the count's firm to Stolberg and then the first commercial brass to Ilsenburg from where he 1550 until his death in 1598 lived and worked. Er stieg bei den damaligen Pachtinhabern des Ilsenburgischen Hüttenhandels Heinrich Cramer von Clausbruch und Caspar  [...]

The Liesegang Foundation in Beelitz

By his will dated 22. July 1822, publizirt am 21. January 1824 bequeathed to the farming community-Altsitzer Johann Friedrich Liesegang Beelitz there to the city-arms-Checkout 100 Dollars in promissory notes and certain state, that the interest of this capital city to those poor, which relief from the Board receive, will be allocated. (Genealogies is the Liesegang Beelitz her in the database)

The giant mountain murders for which death is also a Liesegang

Reinhold Liesegang *6. June 1900 in Güsten was the son of a worker- Socialists and family and one of five siblings. From his family he was influenced socialist. He was drafted just before the end of World War II the Navy. After the war he was a member of the “Red Army”, the storming of the castle in Brunswick by the Duke Ernst August of Brunswick forced to abdicate.

Berlepsch Castle and its aristocratic owners


The castle is situated on a steep mountain Berlepsch on the Werra, near Witzenhausen and has been a center of 14. Century, the family of Berlepsch, which first documented in the middle of the 13. Century found. The oldest verifiable headquarters of the family (mentioned in the oldest documents and also Berlevessen Barlevessen) The village is at Barlissen Jühnde in Hanover. The same was, when is not known for sure, probably destroyed from Göttingen. In 1369 erbaute Arnold von Berlepsch das neue Haus Berlepsch  [...]

Kefer Steiner worm juice produced against whooping cough in Ilfeld

On my last visit to Ilfeld I photographed the older graves, among other things, the family Keferstein. As such then so sat together, My Aunt Edith told me a little of the historical background of this family. (Without going into details now on the genealogical, die sind beim Familienverband nachzulesen mit Wappen, Great pictures and pedigree)