Local History

Christmas raffle!

Christmas is coming and rambow.de agrees with his Christmas raffle at a Christmas party this year! The publisher of Steffen Iffland has kindly provided for the occasion with a good book with the title “Complete history of the county Hohenstein” provided! Anyone can take up to 19.12.2009 a small comment with a) the strangest and b) the most interesting names in their family tree and maybe even with a personal wish for the coming new year! On Saturday (19.12.) wird der Gewinner aus allen eingegangenen Kommentaren  [...]

Buggenhagens grave plaque hidden behind images

For a long time, probably stored in a central warehouse, the board of the museum and its history Dinslaken now awakened to new life. Julius Melchior of Buggenhagen (the last of his race?) Born on 9. April 1811, died on March 21 1890. Mr. Mayor, and the Good Bear Kamp. This extraordinary discovery points to, Buggenhagen that had three sons and one daughter, who died in childhood. His wife Charlotte died in Augusta 1857 During his last year in the mayor's office in Godesberg, since there was Buggenhagen 1851 resident. Einige Details waren bisher  [...]

Stately homes and manors in the duchy of Westphalia, and their owners

The Historical Commission for Westphalia offers on its website at several interesting publications, including an elaboration of the manors and stately homes, the actual addition to assets and Burg Burglehen seats and covers. There are not only listed the names of the owners, but partly also draws attention to the spouse, on the coat of arms, or whether a tree is present.

Muscherin in Pyritz and the noble Rambow

If the sex of Rambow not until the early hours of the Pomeranian documents due (because the origin is to be found in Mecklenburg) it was already in 15. Century in Pomerania very wealthy, because 1505 enfeoffed the Duke Bogislaw Gevettern and Hans Asmus of Rambow with 24 Hoofs in the village Muscherin, as they had inherited them from their fathers. With the same hooves enfeoffed Duke Barnim 1546 Achim, Anthony, Paul, Hans, Eustace and William, Brothers of Rambow. Michael von Petersdorff zu Puddenzig  [...]

The noble Adelebsen

This old noble family belonged to the nobility and Göttingen first appears in documents in 1111 Knights of Bertholdus miles de Wicbike. After moving to the castle, the brothers Adelebsen Dietmar and Bodo 1234 mentioned in documents. As Reichl marriages, the family had acquired the dominion Grone at Göttingen. They belonged to the nobility of the knights economic Calenberger country.