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The noble Adelebsen

22. September 2009

This old noble family belonged to the nobility and Göttingen first appears in documents in 1111 Knights of Bertholdus miles de Wicbike. Nach der Übersiedlung [...]

The Engelbrecht family in Ilsenburg

14. September 2009

For centuries, the name Engelbrecht closely linked with the history Ilsenburg. Peter Engelbrecht was black Burgi Counts shear Office Schösser to Sondershausen, [...]

The Liesegang Foundation in Beelitz

2. September 2009

By his will dated 22. July 1822, publizirt am 21. January 1824 bequeathed to the farming community-Altsitzer Johann Friedrich Liesegang Beelitz there to the city-arms-Checkout 100 [...]

The evangelical preacher in Ilfeld

11. August 2009

Source: Warum wurde in Ilfeld verhältnismäßig spät die Lehre Luthers verkündet, This was yet in many places in the environment long done. [...]

Kehmstedt in the district of Nordhausen

10. August 2009

Several men were involved in the ownership of land and interest in the village Kehmstedt. The first written mention is dated from the year 1093. Nach Leuckfeld waren es [...]

Rambow in the county of Stolp

29. July 2009

In the district of Stolp, there were two towns called Karstnitz, which were distinguished by the addition of German and Wendish each other. Wendisch Karstnitz received 1937 [...]

Rambow in the community Plattenburg

29. July 2009

The story says that Rambow at an age of about 650 Years can look back. The typical residential Wendish cities- arrangements could prove it here. To [...]

Rambow at the lake near Lenzen

29. July 2009

Though founded in the year of Rambow is 1356 called. 1984 was the 625. Village anniversary celebration. Der Ort Rambow liegt in der herrlichen Landschaft Prignitz mit seinen [...]

Rambow in Müritz circle

29. July 2009

In 999 Rambow is the place established as Holzfällerort, at 1100 subjecting Duke Henry the Lion of Saxony, the Sorbian areas beyond the Elbe. Count [...]
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