Local History

Elbląg yearbook : Journal of the Elbląg ancient society and the municipal collections to Elblag


Published by the Commission Publisher Thomas & Oppermann, Königsberg 1919-1941, Author: Bruno Ehrlich Issue 1, Year 1919/1920 Issue 2, Year 1921/1922 Issue 3, Year 1923 Issue 4, Year 1924

Past News of the noble estates in Schleswig Holstein


Past messages from the noble estate Oestergaard (Cod. ms. SH 361) in Steinberg Past messages from the noble estate Rundtoft (Cod. ms. SH 365) with copies of documents from the Historical Archives Rundtofter messages from the noble estate Unewatt (Cod. ms. SH 373) Past messages from the noble estate Nørgaard (MSSH 358) Past messages from the noble Good Green Wood (MSSH 353) Past messages from the noble estate Frey will or Langballiggaard (Cod. ms. SH 350) 1433 Duke Alff his servant Long Nissen given

Handwriting: Historical information about the council people in Stralsund with aristocratic pedigrees and letters


Collection of all kinds of documents, Adel Briefing, milden Veterum Monumental virorum. Foundations and other strange articles:

Sources and research on the history of the district Wiedenbrück

Pfarrkirche St. Vitus

A mammoth task, Dr. phil. Franz Xaver Flaskamp (1890-1985) as a historian, Archivist and author in Wiedenbrück during his life with his publications and left handles. Overall, he was the author of more than 100 Publications. These include the importance for us genealogists citizens lists, Book of the Dead, Wedding Books and baptismal records.

Eduard Lorenz Meyer: Armorial of the Hamburg families and their genealogies


1. Part: Coats of Arms Armorial Hamburgischer senators and mayors from the earliest times to the present with the name, Birth- and date of death, and the exact period as councilor or mayor.