Local History

Citizens of the city of St. Bile by the year 1886


The work contains all the citizens with their birth year, the state and professional, and information where and when the families are located in St.. Bile have naturalized. The rank order of families is alphabetical, and the members of each sex are numbered consecutively, the siblings are given.

Citizens of the city of Mulhouse until 1798


Muehlhausen is one of the oldest cities and was equipped as those with extensive regalia and freedoms. Under Frederick Barbarossa Mulhouse was a free imperial city in 1163. This emperor was also the founder and benefactor of St. Stephen Church. In this work the author of the citizens of the city leads to their offices and honors to, lists the date of the civil rights acquisition and is all in all a complete history- and pedigree of the city, which is rounded off with the colored coats of arms of city families.

Citizens and book chronicles the city of Murten


With a list of national rulers chronoligischen, the mayor, Mayors and ministers since the Reformation. A list of extinct middle generations and the families of the city still thriving. The crest figures are as often, the scan fallen victim.

Book of the citizens of the Swiss town of Liestal


This work includes the family register of citizenship from Liestal. In each sex was noted by Pastor Widmann, at which time it first in the parish registers of official (until the 1542 go back) called.

Basel Bürgerbuch


Contains all naturalized at the time the families of the city of Basel, with remarks of its origin, the time of the civil rights record, and the first ethnic group of people and those, for the civil service, Church Service, or memorable for science were. Everything is in alphabetical order and provided with historical notes, or heraldic panels. Also included are up to the year 1836 extinct citizens sexes in Basel. Swell: Lutz, Markus: Baslerisches Bürgerbuch, containing all currently naturalized in the city of Basel gender, together with the display of their origin, Civil rights record and its first settlers,  [...]