Local History

History of the company Nüscke & Co. Shipyard, Boilermakers and Engineering Institute


Szczecin's excellent location at the water caused its inhabitants already in ancient times to build ships, on them numerous inland waters, but could sail the seas. That was the oldest shipbuilding facilities of the Szczecin here, was still conscious at the end of the 18. Century established.

History of the castle men, Viscount and Burglehen Nideggen


The book begins with the history of the castle and town Nideggen. We find the oldest messages on the time of construction to destruction in 154e by the Imperial and the history of the resident families, Castle men and Viscount.

The oldest book Wismarsche town of about 1250 to 1272


His old age and its contents show him to a special place among the German city of books. It introduces the earliest states of the Middle Ages not mean city, and is complemented by the work “The advice line of the city of Wismar“. Those: Techen, Frederick: The oldest city Wismarsche book : of about 1250 to 1272 on behalf of the seaside town of Wismar ed. as by Festschrift Friedrich Techen. Annual Meeting of the d. Hans. U History Association. the Association for Low German language research, Pentecost 1912 Wismar : Hinstorff, 1912 (With name index,  [...]

The family of Haugwitz as the owner of Pisch Kowitz and Coritau


Description Pisch Kowitz: The village in old documents Piszkowice, is close to the river Steinau bald and has long been divided into Upper and Lower Pisch Kowitz Pisch Kowitz.

The Council Lübeckische line from its beginnings to the present


The first written records: Elver of Bardewik was during the last years of Danish rule of the most respected senators, Ludolf von Hannover was the owner of a big lot at the corner of Sand and Coal Market Street.