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Under local history refers to the past of a town, a village, city ​​or regional area defined, and the related history. Indistinguishable from the local history of the city's history as a historical discipline.

Naumburger Bürgerbuch Register A

Database Project: The Naumburg Bürgerbuch (1342 – 1853)

In addition to the church records are public books are an important source for genealogical research. The books were mostly citizens created before the beginning of the church records and recorded the images of a city civil. There were persons included in this book, welche das Bürgerrecht erworben hatten.Like this:Like Loading…


History of the village and Kujawy rule Markowitz

Mieszko (Mieczislaw) I., The first historically authenticated Polish Prince, occurs as lord of Kuyavia and has his residence in the Kruschwitz Goplosee. There was also to 1159 the seat of the mid- 11. Century, founded diocese Kujawy. The first written mention of the settlement does not exceed the Markowitz 15. Century back. Also […]


Historical Oktoberfest

This year celebrates its Oktoberfest 200. Birthday – Congratulations! As the Oktoberfest for 125. Time jährte a Festschrift was published. When in 1810 the occasion of the marriage of the Bavarian Crown Prince, the Oktoberfest was celebrated, has probably not even dreamed, dass sich das Oktoberfest zu solch einer Institution bis in die heutige Zeit […]


The peasantry in the principality of Ratzeburg

This book is the peasantry of the principality of Ratzeburg, Schoenberger community dedicated to the particular. It provides an overview of the history of individual farms and their inhabitants. All Büdnereien were developed because it was so, that small ownership changed more often than the larger, auch kamen Leute aus der Stadt zurück aufs Land und größerer Besitz ging nicht […]


Citizens of the city of St. Bile by the year 1886

The work contains all the citizens with their birth year, the state and professional, and information where and when the families are located in St.. Bile have naturalized. The rank order of families is alphabetical, and the members of each sex are numbered consecutively, auch die Geschwister werden angegeben.Like this:Like Loading…


Citizens of the city of Mulhouse until 1798

Muehlhausen is one of the oldest cities and was equipped as those with extensive regalia and freedoms. Under Frederick Barbarossa Mulhouse was a free imperial city in 1163. This emperor was also the founder and benefactor of St. Stephen Church. In this work the author of the citizens of the city leads to their offices and honors to, nennt das […]


Basel Bürgerbuch

Contains all naturalized at the time the families of the city of Basel, with remarks of its origin, the time of the civil rights record, and the first ethnic group of people and those, for the civil service, Church Service, or memorable for science were. Everything is in alphabetical order and provided with historical notes, or heraldic panels. Ebenfalls enthalten sind die bis zum […]


Danziger family history posts

Year 1929 Ten years Genealogical Society, Coat of arms- and Sigillography in Gdansk Gdansk source customer The church records of the Danzig area in the state archives, the town clerk to Gdansk 1650 Die Familie Groddeck Ahnentafel des Hans Albert HohnfeldtLike this:Like Loading…


History of the Royal Domgymnasium of Magdeburg

When the Reformation was its triumph over Germany, They also held in Magdeburg catchment. Having been 1521 the Augustinian monk and since Melchior Miritz 1522 the Franciscan friar John Fritz and Hans Halberstadt from provost distributed of the Augustinian monastery in sermons inveighed against Eberhard Wiedensee popish abuses had, turned 1524 der Rath der Stadt mit […]