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Past History, political and historical events, History of settlement, Social history of historic landscapes.

The Basic Book of the City Dirschau

5. April 2010

Dirschau was founded in Pomeranian time, was 1308 the Teutonic Knights, was 1433 destroyed by the Hussites and elected in the year 1454 zusammen mit den [...]

The history of the Kashubian

31. March 2010

Kashubians are a Slavic tribe. They form the poles together the branch of Western Slavs, zu dem früher noch die jetzt ausgestorbenen slawischen Stämme in [...]

Swiss place names

31. March 2010

A historical-etymological attempt… Those: Julius Studer, Zurich: Publisher Friedrich Schulthess 1896 (Download)Like this:Like [...]

Sweden's regent 1521 to 1907

19. March 2010

The fashion and hairstyles changed over the centuries: sometimes they wore beards, sometimes whiskers and sometimes wigs. King Charles IX. of [...]
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