Country's history

Historian and heraldry Philip William Gercken


Philip William was born on Gercken 05. January 1722 the son of the merchant Georg was born in Salzwedel Gercken. He initially attended the Latin School New Town, Then he finished his schooling at the Old Latin School under headmaster plaice. He then attended high school in Lüneburg. In Hall (1741) He studied law and history. Back in the Altmark, he occupied himself between 1754 and 1760 with the publication of the known Fragmenta Marchica, in which 6 Parts appeared. 1760 He bought the castle in Salzwedel, wo er viele Jahre als  [...]

The history of the town and the high school Jülich


The history of Jülich, in particular, the former high school is 1890 been started. Whereas in 1. Part of the history of the city and its city charter is treated excerpts, bring the 2. and 3. Part of the continuous history of the city and also for the history of the school. The coherent presentation begins around the middle of 16. Century, where the glorious Duke Wilhelm V. build the fortress and the castle was and from where at the same time after the great fire 26. More 1547 the city of the ducal[...]

Clemens August Freiherr von Droste Vischering the controversial Archbishop of Cologne

Droste zu Vischering

Clemens August, comes from one of the oldest aristocratic families of the Westphalian, of the family of Baron Droste Vischering. From it emerged men, will always be in our history is important. Here is called the Prince Bishop Bernard of Galen or the Minister of Fürstenberg. The older line had in Westphalia 19. Century house Lütke Beck, Asbeck, Vorhelm, Darfeld with the surge Darfeld, Holtwick, Rockel, Visbeck, Woersche, Kakesbeck, Vehaff, Vischering, Bevern, Mengede and Long. In the Kingdom of Hanover were Brandlecht, Caldenhoff, Haselüne and Lenger layer in[...]

The World War 1914 to 1918


The present volume 1 the mobilization and the course of the war in the border battles in the West shows. The German operations against Russia until mid-September 1914 form the contents to Volume 2. Its essential part is the fighting of 8. Armee in Ostpreussen. These books describe the Marne campaign and that the third volume of the operations of the German army to the border battles of the Sambre to the Marne, while the fourth volume contains the account of the battle itself and the withdrawal. Diese Ereignisse voll  [...]

Home book of the circle Ueckermünde


The Ueckermünde is first in a deed of 1223 mentioned. The German name proves, that the Germans were here at that time the men. The foundation of the town stretches back into the Wendish time. As early as 1178 a Diet was held. It was here, namely the outer ward of the district Rochow, in turn settled with protection. When, in the second half of the 12. Century the Pomeranian Dukes German into the country called, wählten diese auch hier ihren Wohnsitz und es wurde aus  [...]