Country's history

Matriculation of the manors from all circles of the Prussian State


The names of the owners of the individual goods have been received indicating how long the items were owned by the family.

Henry Louis Gude: Topographical and genealogical descriptions of most European countries


Of Rendsburg-born Ludwig Heinrich Gude (+ Hall 27.11.1707) are the following works with the topographical and genealogical descriptions of European States

Releases of Copernicus Association for Science and Art of Thorn


At the 7. January 1878 appear to have decided the Copernicus Association releases its magazine as a staple in casual. In the years 1878 to 1882 Four issues were published. 1886 and 1887 the 5. and 6. Issue. With the 7. Issue in 1892 was the editor of Arthur Semrau on.

Silesian castles Bd. 1-3


The author describes the situation, Size and area of ​​the castles and manors and leads us through the history of ancient and venerable walls with all its owners.

The monuments of the Kingdom of Bavaria


The monuments of Lower Bavaria, Lower Bavaria, Issue 1, , von Anton Eckardt, 1912 Die Kunstdenkmäler von Niederbayern, Heft 2, Bezirksamt Landshut,  von Anton Eckardt, 1914, Anton Eckardt, 1912 The monuments of Lower Bavaria, Issue 2, Bezirksamt Landshut, Anton Eckardt, 1914