Cultural History

The construction- and monuments of the province of West Prussia (West Prussia)

The construction- and monuments of the circle Pr. The construction Stargard- and monuments of the circle Graudenz The construction- and monuments of the circle Kulm The construction- and monuments of the district Löbau The construction- and monuments of the circle Thorn The construction- and monuments of Strasburg, the construction- and monuments of the circles Marienwerder (west of the Vistula) Schwetz, Konitz, Schlochau, Tuchel, Flatow and Dt. Crown

Winterthur famous families in the New Year leaves the city of Winterthur Library 1885 to 1897

In this New Year leaves the city library Winterthur Swiss contributions were below nobles and personalities in a small edition of 225 to 234 Copies of published. As a source for genealogical research, they are therefore extremely valuable. Episonden all related and together form a historical journey through time, in its center called the Steiner family again.

The older building- and monuments of the Kingdom of Saxony

Considered for the following works, the monuments of the past three centuries, the Kingdom of Saxony. The completed body of work presents a complex overview of the art-historical development of the country with a comprehensive description of all antiquities, its history and its people.. Published by the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior and royal Saxon Alterthumsverein, Dresden 1882-1923. All editions are available for download (DjVu) available.

The death records of Merseyside, Magdeburg and Lüneburg

The Book of the Dead as a memorial to imperial history Zeugnise: Until the founding of the time “Monumental Germaniae Historica” goes back the history of exploration of the so-called Merseburg Book of the Dead. 1821 wrote in the Archives of the Society for Older German History class Ludwig Hesse and the Codex 129 the Merseburg Cathedral Library, preceded in which a calendar with the entries of names of deceased saints and feasts the Sacramentary, that is used by Merseyside Thietmar. 13 Years later he published the death records with identifying remarks and made it a statement, today none of their[...]

Collection of Johann Christoph Liefländischer monuments Brotze

Johann Christoph Brotze * 1. September 1742 in Görlitz; † 4. August 1823 Riga was a German educator and ethnographer. Brotze studied theology and philosophy at the universities of Leipzig and Wittenberg. 1768 He went to Riga and spent 46 Years as a teacher at the local Imperial Lyceum. During this time he collected historical data, which he decorated with paintings and drawings and described in detail. His work is now a valuable resource for historians. The "collection of various Liefländischer Monuments" is a unique document, mit Aufzeichnungen  [...]