Cultural History

The Kronberg from origin to the disintegration

The family was one of the Rhenish Knights Circle, from about 1220 to extinction of the male line 1704 their headquarters at the castle had Kronberg im Taunus on the present city of Kronberg. Ancestor was 1192 Wigand mentioned in documents of Askenburne.

The Hanseatic League and the German knights in the Baltic countries

The work deals with the external history of the German Baltic countries by the middle of the 13. until the end of 14. Century. These are the times, which arises in the northern German city club and get the ride to the highest power of Roden. Detail, the period of the Baltic state and knight of the Hanseatic League described; the military activities of the Order, The role of Rudolf of Hapsburg in the northern Baltic, Clash of the Hansa with Denmark..  

History of the Russian nobility

With the new year 1015 the real story begins Russian nobility; the Grand Duke Vladimir, who was revered as a saint by all, divided his kingdom among 11 Sons and a nephew. This caused constant disagreements and wars. For orientation, the author divides this work and describes in detail the gender, whose origin goes back to Rurik, This is followed by the boyar families, The Prince, Earls and barons of whom many were not of Russian descent….

Home book of the circle Rummelsburg

With contributions to the long geographical, the prehistory and history of Old Rummelsburg, A Brief History Rummelsburg as a garrison town, political history and Siedelungsgeschichte…. Something about Bismarck and Varzin, Chronicle of a hunting, the former glassworks and iron hammers, Varziner the paper mill, the school system, and contributions to church history and the pastors in Rummelsburg….

Database of the Latvian cultural history in pictures

The database contains 2900 Photos by the year 1914 and is searchable by occupation and names, of. B. People from the publishing industry, Composer, People in public life, Teacher, Musician, Industrial, Treasurer, Pharmacist, Artist, Mayor, Physicians, Bishops, Legal scholars, Diplomats, Archaeologists, Botanist… These are mostly Birth- and date of death known, References and publications. Website: Latvian State Historical Archives