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The cultural history (or. Kulturhistorik) deals with the exploration and presentation of the intellectual and cultural life in periods and landscapes

Historical books about the history of Lower Saxony

Under the name “Brunsvigensien Braunschweig University Library” The digital library offers an extensive collection of Braunschweig, of which I have selected the following examples: Certificate Book of the City of Brunswick band 1, on behalf of the municipal authorities ed. by Ludwig Hänselmann. With three panels writing samples and Seal. Festchronik zur Erinnerung an die Tausendjährige Jubelfeier der Stadt Braunschweig von […]

Adventurous and gruesome stories of robber barons murderers and witches from the past

Past Book Launch of wondrous and strange events from the distant past: Knights of Hugo Schreckenstein, embodiments of iniquity called or: “Dear Life, lost the innocence”. A horrible picture of the age of chivalry. Burghausen Lutzenberger, 1860 Kuno called claws of rock Bluebeard, Winner of the grand tournament in Worms, grausamer Mörder seiner sechs Weiber in der blutigen Weiberschlachtkammer zu […]

Yearbook of the Association for the History of Neumark

Of the annual accounts of the Society for the History of Neumark (New episodes of the Scriptures) I ausgewühlt the three subsequent editions. Es sind die Hefte 3 to 5 from the years 1926-1928. They deal with the hooves classifications 1718 and 1719 from the contributions of families- Neumark and economic history of rural communities, published with the support of the Historical Commission. The […]

French surnames in the Palatinate

The contents of this first part consists essentially of one being additions and corrections reworking a previously published essay (Monthly for native literature and art, History and Folklore) Basis of this research, for example, is the guild of weavers guild book, alone can be found here 160 Name. The newcomers brought the silk weaving, Strumpfwirkerei und andere nützliche Gewerbszweige in […]

Genealogical job titles

Every genealogist deals within his research with the occupations in his ancestors. Nice, that there are illustrations to: First Quartet is an old card game. It contains 40 Professions as drawings, small even with a spell are highlighted. At 1568 was the “Actual description of all objects on earth” published by Hans Sachs. Er hatte zu […]

Medieval seal of the archdiocese of Magdeburg

This book is in three parts, deals extensively with the research arms of the same figures and formations and the associated question of the origin and dissemination of the appropriate sex, with forays into the genealogies. Their possible association with other tribal, or cities- Geistlichkeits-seals and also references to related illustrations, the importance of the emblems, sowie eine genaue heraldische […]

The poetic world of the dead

Funny collection and meaning rich grave and Überschrifften: To lawful affections delight and enjoyable pastime given to the Lecht. Erstes Stück. Published by Rembold, Berlin und Leipzig ca. 1720 and read online. The poetic realm of the dead, or collection of ingenious grave- Crowned heads and Uberschrifften, Serene Tiger and High stand-people, Auch anderer durch ihr Leben und Thaten berühmter Leute in kurtzen […]

The construction- and monuments of the province of Pomerania

The following edition presents a comprehensive description of antiquities, Treasures from days gone by and the people who lived in that time. A cross-section for the traces of our ancestors in the administrative district of Stettin. (Rambow example in Figure Muscherin 1) This series appeared on behalf of the Society for Pomeranian History and Archaeology, Hugo Lemcke, Provinzialkonservator von […]

The rural residences, Palaces and residences of the Knights scientific landowners in the Prussian monarchy

In the years 1857-1884 Alexander is the publisher Duncker, a 16-volume work on the bottom called residences, Castles and residences released. Of the total 959 Single sheets relate 92 the Prussian province of Pomerania to 1857. Of the other provinces of Silesia 227 Views of the most common, throughout the province of Prussia only 72 Image examples are offered. Schleswig-Holstein ist […]

The nobility during the compulsory removal of settlement

With the rules of the Family Research here the views of the origin and relationships of the Pomeranian nobility checked. The legal and economic position of the nobility at the time of the compulsory removal of settlement, especially in Kolobrzeg, Belgard, Schlawe and Stolp of 1250-1350.

Described in the presented book is the origin of the families of Borcke, Vidante, Bogislaw of Schlawe, of Kameke, von Bonin, of Oldenburg, Natzmer, Kummerow, Puttkamer and the family von Kleist.