Cultural History

Silesian castles Bd. 1-3


The author describes the situation, Size and area of ​​the castles and manors and leads us through the history of ancient and venerable walls with all its owners.

Medieval artists and foremen of Lower Saxony and Westphalia


In dem vorliegenden Werk werden die Künstler und Werkmeister aufgeführt, the performance of the architecture, Artistry, Casting art and painting were. The period extends from the IX. Century to the end of the XVI. Century.

The monuments of the Kingdom of Bavaria


The monuments of Lower Bavaria, Lower Bavaria, Issue 1, , von Anton Eckardt, 1912 Die Kunstdenkmäler von Niederbayern, Heft 2, Bezirksamt Landshut,  von Anton Eckardt, 1914, Anton Eckardt, 1912 The monuments of Lower Bavaria, Issue 2, Bezirksamt Landshut, Anton Eckardt, 1914

The Book of the Dead of the Premonstratensian monastery near Gdansk Zuckau


The manuscript in which the Book of the Dead is printed here will, dates from the end of the 16. and early 17. Century and has been kept in the parsonage of Zuckau. It contains 197 Sheets and the paper points to the empty pages as a watermark, the Danzig coat of arms.

The dollhouse of Princess Augusta Dorothea of ​​Schwarzburg-Arnstadt


Married Auguste Dorothea of ​​Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel on 7. August 1684 Wolfenbüttel Count Anton Günther II. by Black-Sondershausen. This was 1697 Imperial Prince and lived in Arnstadt.