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Story of the Peace of Westphalia to the accession of Frederick the Great

It was the 24. October 1648, was announced as in the old Episcopal city of Munster, after thirty years of war in time of peace two large solemnly signed certificates. Peace of Westphalia as the entirety between the 15. May and 24. October 1648 called closed in Münster and Osnabrück peace treaties, die den Dreißigjährigen Krieg in Deutschland und […]


The Protestant clergy in East- and West Prussia since the Reformation

Concise messages from everyone since the Reformation the Protestant churches in West Prussia salaried preachers : at the instigation of the Royal Consistory, by Ludwig Rhesa (1776-1840) Kaliningrad, 1834 Concise messages from all since 1775 the Protestant churches in East Prussia salaried preachers : as a continuation of Arnold Chen Presbyterologie on the initiative of the Royal Consistory, by Ludwig Rhesa […]

Collection: History sheets of the German Huguenot Society

The word Huguenot is a term of disputed origin of language. In France, it is effective for 1551 detectable, He was considered a dirty word, before the Protestants themselves so called. In Prussia was the first word is not used, here were referred to the refugees as Réfugiés, their settlement area as a French colony. It was not until 1900 setzte sich auch […]

The Protestant clergy at the Martin Church in Churchill from the Reformation to the present

Since the year 1537 was the Protestant clergy expressly granted the right, the supervision of their preachers to lead themselves, eliminate unsuitable candidates and personalities, who came from out of town, to undergo an examination. The certificate, in principle, the Reformed doctrine recognized, has received a copy remained. During the whole 16. Jahrhundert war der […]

The Bayreuth Book of Ordination 1612-1821

The Bayreuth ordination book is a valuable source for the history of the Church. The entries refer mainly to the parishes of the county of Mark Brandenburg, including the prior 1610 of Brandenburg-Ansbach associated deaneries Neustadt and Baiersdorf. All ordinations contained in the Kulmbach matriculation are also found in Bayreuth ordination book. The work was published as a single work in the history of the Church in Bavaria, im Auftrag des […]

History of the Abbey of Prüm remote possessions, including in the Netherlands today and Picardy

The Prüm Abbey was on 23.6.721 and her son from Bertrada Charibert, is attested later as Count of Laon, based on their possessions on the Prüm. Original cartridge of the monastery were Mary, Petrus Paulus und, John and the Frankish Empire St. Martin. Several signs point to Echternach influence in the founding. About 30 Jahre hörte […]

Elector covenant and kingship in the Hussite Wars

The Golden Bull of Charles IV. of 1356 confirmed the seven electors have the sole right to select the Roman king. A clear choice decision should be ensured for the future; Therefore the Imperial Act settled the secular electors determine the legitimacy of electoral house lines and the indivisibility of Kurlande, regelte die Nachfolgefragen und übernahm die Rhenser Feststellung des […]