Church History

The expulsion of the Salzburg Protestants

In every respect the archdiocese claiming the strictest isolation from foreign influences, with the exception of Italian art, the Spanish or French etiquette and dominion over the Roman chair. The Archbishop of the Salza ruled a vast diocese, of the hiss on even the main volume exceeded.

Moral Theology for the morality of the people as the norm for the Roman Catholic Church

The Catholic Church knows only the act of copulation, prohibits priests marriage, but allows adultery with the women of the community, prevents denunciation and guides for perjury…

Green's book Saxon priest

Die drei Bände beinhalten die Parochien und Pfarrer der evangelischen-luth. Church of Saxony by 1539-1939. They were published by order of the minister Association. Zu dem Band Parochien der Ev.-luth. Landeskirche Sachsen geht es hier lang:

Reformation History

Urkundenbuch Reformation history of the Duchy of Prussia, Band 1-3

The Prussians at the University of Wittenberg

As the birthplace of the Reformation was at the University of Wittenberg 18. October 1502 open. This book is about the people of this “Reformation a century” their matriculation be printed. 568 Prussian students have visited in this period the University of Wittenberg.