Church History

George Frideric Greifenklau Vollrads of a prelate of the middle Rhine Reichsritterschaft

The genealogical classification of the family settled in the Rheingau Greifenklau as country of origin, and as the home field of the noble families of angle called Greiffenklau, of Vollrads, Touch-of Vollrads, Matuschka-Greiffenklau of Vollrads. Countess Clara Matuschka-Greiffenklau (1870-1959) in long years the Castle of Archives of Vollrads sighted, organized and made available for scientific research. The nucleus of their aristocratic landowners in the village in the district of angle and angular, to look the part of rheingauischen Urmark.

Johann Philipp von Schönborn (1605 – 1673) and the Roman Curia

At the 12. February 1673 died Elector Johann Philipp von Schönborn, of his time “the German Solomon” called. In the 300. Anniversary of his death took the Department of Catholic Theology at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz present work as Habilitationssschrift.

Elector Arch-Chancellor of the Reich and Philip Charles of Eltz

At the 30.1.1729 died at his residence in Mainz Lothar Franz von Schönborn, Elector-Archbishop of Mainz and the Bishop of Bamberg, next to his uncle, Johann Philipp, the second major Reichserzkanzler from a gender, that for almost three generations of the image “Germany sacred” certain critical. His death was the undisputed right of the cathedral chapter to elect a successor to the Mainz Erzstuhl not come into force, But the chapter had been in October 1710 the deceased with the Count Palatine Francis Louis of Neuburg line of a coadjutor to the side[...]

The war against the witches, the extermination program of the Elector of Cologne

Witch trials were known to be a European phenomenon. But they were carried out only in certain areas, while not at all in other areas or held only a relatively limited. The current state of research is still very patchy, but it should still be pretty sure, that Germany was the center of European witch trials….

The expulsion of the Salzburg Protestants

In every respect the archdiocese claiming the strictest isolation from foreign influences, with the exception of Italian art, the Spanish or French etiquette and dominion over the Roman chair. The Archbishop of the Salza ruled a vast diocese, of the hiss on even the main volume exceeded.