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History of the baronial family von Eichendorff

One of the oldest families in all of Germany, include Baron von Eichendorff. Luster and glory bestowed a member of this family, in which the German people the most talented poet of the Romantic school, the church one of its most loyal sons, State officials celebrated a deserved. Die Wiege der oberschlesischen Eichendorff wurde das an der Straße zwischen Troppau […]

Family history of the Barons of Uslar-kind

On the southern slope of the Sollinger forest, about 25 km northwest of Göttingen, lies in a valley traversed by the eels, the city Uslar, as “Husleri” already under the Abbot of Corvey Walho between 1011 and 1016 known. There is no doubt, dass von diesem Ort der Name des zum ritterschaftlichen hannoverschen Adel zählenden Geschlechts […]

The sex Boehmer-Behmer from Pomerania

The story begins with Nicholas observations in Rügenwalde, which end 1591 or early 1592 was born in Greifswald. He is the progenitor of the known living branches of the sex. In his hometown, he had studied law and moved to 1615 after about Rügenwalde. A year later he was a member of the guild of merchants and lived in the house on Long Street behind the Town Hall, that his wife Veronica brought into the marriage. Santa observations was 1628 Councilor and 1634 Treasurer, as well as 1642 Mayor in Rügenwalde. He was 1635 Provisor first St. Mary's Church.

Family history of Dirksen

The present, on behalf of the imperial ambassador in Berlin, Willy von Dirksen authored two-volume history covers the 300 years of family history of coming from the Netherlands, originally Mennonite family, the grounds of religious persecution left his old home and in the years from 1887 The Prussian nobility v. Dirksen showed. The members of the family lived in Holland, so, in Hamburg, Danzig, and in Königsberg.

Three centuries of Russian history

Overview of Russian history since the accession of the Romanov today (1598-1898) Two genealogical tables and map of the empire. Author Dr. Arthur Kleinschmidt, Berlin 1898 The author focused on the presentation of the cultural development in Russian history, and the story begins with the Date 862 ruling house of Rurik, that on January 7th […]

Hidden treasures – Genealogical coat of arms

V During my research on family. Kunheim I stumbled by chance upon this wonderful book on the net. These are the moments, about how as a researcher quite insanely happy, even if such work is not in the original has (what a shame)

The title of this feature is: Stemmata Genealogica präcipuarum Familiarum Nobilum in Prussia and was written by the author John Hennenberger

History of the family of Norman

Edited 1894 Emil Freiherr von Normann, His royal chamberlain. Highness the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The family history written down here with their boards, Filitationen and genealogies were not originally intended for public. Closely linked to the noble families v. Rush, Moltzahn, Eickstedt, Schwerin, Plate, Blankenburg, Jasmund, in. d. East, Rodbertus, Kahlden, Holsten, Barnekow, Spoon, Buggenhagen and octopus joke, Here, the author traces the complete detailed history of the family v. By Norman.

Book of the Barons of Müllheim

This work was originally intended only for the inner circle of family 150 Copies. It was published in four parts with an introduction on the origin of sex and its first branches, These were the v. Müllheim-calf lane, The Hildebrant, the stronghold of hamlet, the Fronhof, with the sieve and the Roseburg.

Pomeranian genealogies

Pomeranian genealogies: Association of Greifswald writing division of the Society for History of Pomerania and Altherthumskunde ; Font-Pomeranian Association of Rügisch division of the Society for Pomeranian and Gechichte Altertthumskunde in Stralsund and Greifswald, Co-creators of these works was Theodor Pyl (1826-1904)