The counts of Mansfeld

The old family of the Counts of Mansfeld, one of the most important Saxon-Thuringian vassal families, which have shaped the history of Mansfield. The published works of Johann Gottfried Zeidler describes well the history of this generation.

German and Wendish church villages of Lusatia (Presbyterologia Lusatiae superioris)


The pastor and superintendent, Johann Christian Jancke (1757-1834) left a valuable collection of manuscripts and books, among other things, this sensational treasure, found in the genealogies are a lot of

Boettcher family tree in Dresden


What: Cooper, Carl Julius: Family tree of the Boettcher, Frankenberg: Rossberg 1886

The ancestors and relations of Adolph Halling


I must now necessarily in this work (in 2 Volumes) titled “My ancestors and their relationships” point. From the title alone can not draw conclusions about the most interesting content, researchers presented the family connections, at first you do not think.

Valentine King: Genealogische Adels-Historie


Especially for the early history of the king's most unreliable information and due to the former trend, the history of noble families by legendary stories as possible to Roman history to trace.