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Lothar von Supplinburg

The tradition of the ancestors of Emperor Lothar goes back not far. Through his father Gebhard, the sex of the Counts of Supplinburg risen to some importance to be. But while running the genealogists, the descent of the mother Gebhards further, They conceal the name of his father. To create clarity in, war eine gestellte Aufgabe für dieses […]

The Counts and Karl Ludwig von Zinzendorf and Pottendorf and the history of the house Zinzendorf

The ancient and distinguished gentleman state of Lower Austria is one of those twelve-sex old sex, who used to be called in the country, the twelve apostles. In the original matriculation of Lower Austria's ruling class, the next eight other Zinzendorfsche sex is still thriving with no recorded date of admission to the Lord as; in der Original-Matrikel des Ritterstandes aber ist dessen Name […]


Early years of the Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia

Sophie Dorothea of ​​Württemberg was the fourth of twelve children and the eldest daughter of Duke Frederick Eugene of Wurttemberg marriage with Sophia Dorothea Friederike of Brandenburg-Schwedt, She was born on 25. October 1759 to Szczecin. She was the sister of King Frederick I of Württemberg's first. and the great niece of Frederick the Great. […]

Duke Christoph von Mecklenburg

In the Duchy of Mecklenburg ruled in the first half of the 16. Century together, the two brothers Henry V. the peaceable and Albrecht VII. the Fair. Henry took the position, that the community government is to obtain equal rights maintain, But Albrecht called for a full inheritance of the land, the government and the income. Man fand nach langem Hin und […]

The sex of Bruiningk in Livonia

The present spelling feststehenede Bruiningk, instead of the usual early Brüning or Brüningk, developed first by the nobility of diploma 1737, if requested by the graduate, remains questionable. So have written their names since all family members, it is found in many private documents. The progenitor of the Livonian branch of Heinrich (+1697) Brüning still enrolled, soon Brüningk, […]

From the estate of Baron Ferdinand von Achatz of Asseburg

Memoirs of Ferdinand Achatz of the Asseburg (1721-1797) Erbherr to Falkenstein and Meisdorf. Russian imperial privy council and minister plenipotentiary at the Diet of Regensburg, Knight of the Order of St. of St. Alexander Nevsky and the Danish flag – from those found in the estate handwritten papers… Lichen led out with information about sex since Asseburgische 13. […]

Family history of sleeves

The name of the bourgeois family, originally a sleeve was undoubtedly “Hülse”, this emerges from the old church book records (Ego Paulus Huelse Misnicus Martisburgensis) Since 1768 Paul Gottfried moved to Premnitz sleeves at Rathenow and since then the name was written resistant sleeves. The oldest ancestor was a Otmar sleeve, der als ehrenwertes Mitglied der Zunft der […]

Documented history of sex in Oertzen

The sex of the one of the most famous Oertzen old aristocratic families of Mecklenburg and is still thriving indigenous families from all of the oldest old Obotritenlandes, insofar as its documented history reaches back the furthest and is lost in the times of Wendish rule. Distinguished by an honorable character, an ancient possession of goods, and often seemingly unusual abilities, hat […]

About the nobility belonging to the family of the deaf from Duve, otherwise known as

In the Ostseelanden Russlands, Prussia and Sweden to meet with the families of origin uradeliger a name, in the usual form today is the same well, the upward-sloping but very determined in earlier centuries apart in two main directions is both linguistically and guides as well as homely and nationality according to very different roots. […]

History and records of sex tap

The name is both noble cock, and in middle-class families very common. The following documentary history of the cock between sex does not cover all occurring in the different provinces, different sexes name Hahn, even in modern times, ennobled families of the same name: it includes only the old Mecklenburg family, which in 1469 with […]

History of sex in Altrock

The very old sex by Altrock were in Mecklenburg resident freeholders. As such, they also referred to by Lehsten in his book on the Mecklenburg nobility. Probably the spelling of the family name changed over time. Found in documents is only the spelling “Oltrock” in the appointment of the Duke Adolph Frederick III, of […]

Yearbook of the German nobility digitized

In addition to the standard works of the Gotha, includes the Yearbook of German nobility, published in three volumes from the publisher W.C. Bruer, as a mandatory program in any collection of genealogists, dealing with the nobility. The annals of every noble family to give accurate and its accuracy verified information about the denomination, the origin, the acquisition of the nobility, […]

Genealogical history of Leiningen-Westerburg

Genealogical history of uradeligen, rich and poor count's princely, unable wonderful, Mighty House of Leiningen and Westerburg-Leiningen : 1. Bd. and 2 Bd., History of the House of Leiningen-Westerburg : with an attachment from the same spring, for archival, manuscript and printed sources, edited by Dr. And. Brinckmeier ; revised and increased by Karl Emich, Count of Leiningen-Westerburg. Brunswick: Publisher Richard Sattler 1890-1891 […]

The nobility of Sweden and Finland

This paper provides a summary of the Swedish-language work published in two parts the author “Sveriges Adel I.. (1898) and II. (1902) The work tables are nominal over all living and extinct noble families in Sweden received, with number in the House of Nobility, the year of the survey, of lapse, nationality and profession of ancestor included. […]

Register for the Bavarian nobility genealogy

John Michael's Prey Bavarian nobility description is the most extensive collection of old Bavarian noble family genealogists at all. 33 Folio volumes are, the manuscript department of the Bavarian State Library is also stored and available for download. The registers described here could only be realized by the estate of the heraldic painter Anton Pollinger, which the book “Von Preys adeliges […]

History of sex uradelichen Aufseß in Franconia

During the lifetime of Henry II. Bamberg grew up at a considerable town, the neighboring countries for the slave was a place of Christian culture. Through contracts, the desert castles and stone castle Aufseß Count's fief. The viscount gave up all of the shares purchased Aufseß castle and promised his protection; dagegen versprachen die Aufseß dem Burggrafen mit ihrer […]