Genealogical news about the family Windscheid


The family comes from Windscheid Blankenberg (Sieg) and was originally called Windscheif: ” Titulo Solemnis ex libris donationis Jois Windscheif Blankenbergensis”.

The daughters in succession at home to Guelph 1235


Pedigrees: The daughters in succession at home to Guelph 1235 The various lines of braunschweig.-Lüneburg since Dukes 1235

The history of the Lords of Munchausen


A thorough history of sex-Hochadlichen House of Lords of Munchausen : Wherein the descent of all ancestors of the XII. Century, with many different archives and registries of deeds drawn

Records of the family of Diezelsky


The original name was Dziecielski (derived from Specht) The sex Diezelsky now called, is from a from father to son orally transmitted story, of a Persian (Lost) descend, who had settled at the time of conversion of the Gentiles in the reign of Lauenburg and grown. His name is Dargooder (Polish Dargolewo) have been named. This Dargo fed on animal husbandry and hunting.

Genealogical tables of John Huebner


Johannes Huebner (* 17. March 1668 in Türchau in Zittau; † 21. More 1731 in Hamburg) Rector of the school to S. Johannes in Hamburg, was an eminent genealogist. See also Wikipedia. Many of his works have been digitized. One of his fundamental works, the genealogical tables: Bd. 1 1708 and the Munich DigitaBdsat Bd. 3 1728 Bd. 4 1733 Brief Introduction to 2 (3) Part of his genealogical tables Bd. 1 1727 Bd. 2 1728