History of sex Arndt (Descendants of Andrew Arndt Putbus) with family trees and coats of arms


Willibald Arno Arndt was born on 9.3.1835 in Rothebude, married on 10.10.1863 in Trier mit Catharina Elisabeth Charlotte Linz (called Rini) give. 1.6.1840 in Dusseldorf, died on 26.1.1898 in Baden-Baden

Genealogical tables and master lists of those, bear the name Steinbrueck


Content: Pomeranian, west- and East Prussian branch, e.g.. from Stolzenhagen, Szczecin, Hirschfeld, On the way, Świnoujście, The Saxon branch of the history of the family Steinbrueck, Goslar and Halberstadt

Family history of von Manteuffel, with its four main lines


Manteuffel is the name of an old noble family Pomeranian, wealthy and highly regarded in the Baltics (Kurland) but also in Lower Lusatia, Silesia, Mecklenburg and Brandenburg.

Genealogy of the imperial barons of and Schorrenburg


What: State Library Centre of Rhineland-Palatinate: Master table of the now imperial masters of Frey and Schorrenburg and vormahligen Armigerorum Edelen and servants of Schorren Hasell and Hornbach called. From the year of Christ 1270. up in this years 1739te

Pedigrees not matriculated Baltic nobility


Compilation of family trees in the Baltic States and not resident here even noble families enrolled.