Family history

Guest Post: A forced marriage Anno 1789


The media reported today a lot about forced marriages gave the already, as the following story shows , vor gut 200 Years, but under different conditions . In Forsthaus to Paulinzella in Thuringia was John Ludolph Offeney (1726-1799) from 1753 Ordnance and forester . His daughter was on 23.7.1764 baptized in the church in charge of Paulinzella Milbitz at Rottenbach the name Louise Antonia Friederica . 20 Years later, anno 1784, she witnessed the hunter named Hickman was dishonorably a maid . was on 23.5.1785 in  [...]

Luther page Related: A complement to Luther descendants book


Luther page Related: Es ist Otto Sartorius (1864-1947) thanks to the theologians and genealogists, that there is this release , because he himself came from Martin Luther and devoted himself extensively researching descendants of Luther . It was also of the Sartorius Lutheriden Association founded. His works are the basis for Luther Research . These collaterals include among others, the branch of the pastor to Glienick , Hermann Liesegang * 28.9.1865 Born Perleberg and his wife Marie Elisabeth Prasser * 29.7.1869 in Elberfeld. I am very interested[...]

Contribution to family history of sex Bünsow under six centuries


The Greifswaldische branch of sex Bünsow: Beginning with John and Caspar (Jaspar Bünsow, Notes to Bünsow Foundation, the grave stones of the family in the Greifswald Bünsow churches, History of the goods and Bugewitz Heidemühl.

Lucas Cranach the Elder: A contribution to the history of the family Cranach


Hardly a painter so much and so thoroughly was written . His work extends over a period of more than five decades and one assumes , etwa dass 5000 paintings were created by the artist and his workshop .

The descendants of the geographer Gerhard Mercator (1512-1594)


Gerhard Mercator (Gerard de Kremer actually, latinized: Gerardus Mercator = Gerhard Krämer) was a mathematician begandeter, Geographer, Philosopher, Theologian and cartographer, which was regarded as far back as Ptolemy of his time.