Family history

The Sackische Family Foundation


Another family is the foundation of the family bag. It is characterized by the quantity of participants as well as diverse provisions of the founder. Even most members of the full regulations are largely unknown to the donor.

The Parcham Foundation


Henning Parcham, the 1552 Born 9. Child was married, no children. Shortly before his death, at the 16.2.1602 he called a foundation, under the name “Parcham'sche Stiftung” still has its validity. Parcham Henning was born in Treptow at the Rega, where his father performed the duties of the Mayor. 1597 He was alderman in Lübeck and was 1599 Embassy of the participants in the Hanseatic city of King Christian IV. of Denmark. After the early death of his widow Parchams Gesche remarried Lübeck Mayor Alexander[...]

United Foundation of families Schrader, Kalm and Vechelde


The Foundation established the testator Schrader has a long history. It all began with Mayor Henry Schrader. Its most 3.11.1584 opened Testament caused a long legal dispute, as it turned out, his seven children that he, or. their heirs had not considered equally. He preferred to Dr. Author Schrader and Schrader, the children of Henry Chamberlain and ordered it to his principal heir: “It is my will, that he was satisfied with it and it should be content, I like him at the[...]

On the history of the Haniel family from Pomerania

Under German and Wendish names first diving center of the 16. Century, the name taken from the Bible Hanniel in Pomerania and the Neumark. The meaning of the name means: “God's grace, God's mercy”. The first of the name is found in the Universitätsmatrikeln of Frankfurt an der Oder 1554 the student of Joachim Hanniel Pyritz, one of the oldest cities founded by the Wends of Pomerania, whereas in 13. Century in the resettlement of the Poles by wars and fighting among the Pomeranian Duke Bogislaus I. depopulated[...]

Family coat of arms from Offenbach Leisegang

Family coat of arms Leisegang in Lucerne and Ingenbohl originating in Offenbach. Creation in November 2007, Horlacher Herald Marcel in Zurich. Those: State Archives of Lucerne. The collection includes more than 2500 Coat of arms of families with citizenship in the canton of Lucerne. It was largely by the archivists J. Gauch and P. X. Weber at the beginning of the 20. Century together.