Family history

Chronicle of the families Bartsch Striegau, Liegnitz and Freiburg


The oldest name of carrier (Baracz) came from Brieg. He was a citizen and a homeowner and is in 1382 named as consul of the city. From his 4 Children was the eldest son of Philip, mentioned in documents 1389 and Stanislaus. Almost all the tribes owe the knowledge of the names and fates of their ancestors to 15. Century, the content of notarial acts. But since in these times, the personal signature of the witnesses was not necessary, so lacking in general this. This was subject to the spelling of the name of the witness at the mercy of the document writer[...]

History of middle-class family of Wilkins 1620 to 1905


The name of the bourgeois family Wilkins has a history. This family was in 17. Wilke century documentary. This style of writing you first met in the church records of ev. St. St. John's church in Memel. In the middle of 17. Century and in the 18. Century is also the spelling Wilcke, Wielke, Wilck. The Latinized form of the surname Wilke was Wilkius, also Wilckius.

News of some families of the name of Boetticher


For all families with the name of Boetticher (Bötticher) or mutilation of the name is an ancestor to accept. The origin of a tribe is probably the Altmark. The seals in Magdeburg by the City Council represented by the same family crest as the Boetticher Grosswanzlebner villages Boetticher and Worms.

The family Plathner


As early as 1639 The family was in possession of a pedigree for the family to preserve the memory of their ancestors. For the same purpose, Christoph Friedrich the news about himself and his family 1741 enshrined in the Universal Dictionary Zedlerischen. In his will, dated 18. December 1749 He asked to make about this tradition. Christoph Friedrich was the son of the mayor Andreas on 10. February 1671 Born in the town of Mulhouse.

The family history of coming from Lower Bacmeister


The Bacmeister occur first in the Ancient imperial city of Goslar in a deed dated 2. July 1284 on, leased in which the cathedral chapter of Goslar to the Dietert Bacmester Johan and Johan Heidenreich along with the families at the lower mill Gose. One might conclude from, that Johan has been a miller Bacmester, which is unlikely at a later examination of the Verhätlnisse is. The Bacmeister had been established in Goslar in the country and citizens money back and to one of the most distinguished and influential guilds, namely, the coin belonged. Whose chief[...]