Family history

The family Weickhmann in Gdansk


The pedigree of this honorable family has its origin in the south of Germany and the oldest known branches are found in the last half of the 16. and in the first half of the 17. Century in several of the former free imperial cities, For example, in Ulm, where 1659 is called a Christoph Weickhmann. A Hans Weickhmann from Nuremberg, settled as a bookbinder 1641 Danzig and settled in Augsburg in the year 1590 You find the tailors Weickhmann Hans Christoph and his wife Susanne Lotter. A son of this[...]

The history of the family Zernecke


The emblem has a custom of following, probably the councilor John Thorner Zerneke (1620-1703) before 1688 assumed. The picture and the colors of the arms are made of: In blue shield with a red heart tingiertem, the three-, five or six-petalled Rose is decked in green stems. On the helmet are again the three roses in the same colors, between which a white dove with outstretched wings is ready. Schnabel, Eyes and feet are red, The Yellow Rose of Samenbutzen, the inside white helmet covers, outside blue. Names[...]

History of the family-Hevelke Hewelcke and the astronomer Johannes Hevelius


The earliest news of the family dates back to Hevelke 1434. After the credentials of the city authorities Otter Village, Henry was a Havelke, the man in Danzig Hevelke van der Osten nannte, in Gdansk in 1433 or even died without heirs before. Because he had owned property in Gdansk, it must also be citizens and have been married, because every citizen had to marry. It is thus assumed to be, that Henry had lived many years in Gdansk Havelke. Henry had three more siblings, including Gert Havelke, be the[...]

Ancestor lists and stories of bourgeois families in alphabetical order


In this section I want to point to printed family histories and genealogical lists from the net to download, sorted by alphabet. Perhaps looking for one or the other just to name these resources to further information or advice. The list continues to grow!

History and genealogy of the family pastor


The time now is again a scanned book, where I have my pleasure. It is completely legible. I must particularly emphasize the work, has made the author made in the compilation, because that's how we imagine a printed family history. This is one a treasure trove for genealogists. But the jewelery images in this work is unparalleled. Coat of arms and seal of all family members, For example, the Haniel family, exists over the already an article, Tombs, Documents, Portraits, a family tree as a decoration panel, Pictures of the[...]