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Focus of this digital library, electronic resources (eBooks, Digital documents in PDF and DjVu) about genealogy, So everything related to genealogy, Genealogy, Family history, Heraldry, Sphragistik, Onomastics, Name meaning and family trees, etc..


The heir of the family in Lepsius 17. Century

The heir of the family Lepsius Here the number of Lepsiaten the first known ancestor descendants Georg Leps: White tanner in Trebbin in the center Mark, is first in 1697 mentioned in the parish register as Taufzeuge. He died on 7.5.1699, his wife on 24.8.1721. Peter Leps, White tanner is also a leather- have operated and wool trade. He […]

Pile of old books and old glasses

Directory and occasional writings on the history of noble families

Source of opportunity font: Stargardt, J.A.: Directory and occasional writings on the history of noble families, Berlin: Rosenthal (u.a.) 1865-1880, Download: Band 1, Band 2, Band 3,Like this:Like Loading


The Roman Cologne

Köln zur Römerzeit mit einem Plan der römischen Stadt, in which the most notable findings are drawn. (Festival program on behalf of the Association of antiquity friends in the Rhineland) Content: Caesar's battles with the Germans on the Rhine, 58 to 51 BC. Agrippa`s Ubierstadt, 38 in. Chr. to 50 n. Chr. Römisch-germanische Kriege seit Kaiser Augustus Colonia Claudia Augusta […]


Mecklenburg nobility

Content in: Mecklenburgische Adelsgeschlechter Quelle: Joachim von Pritzbuer u. Otto Christoph von Gamm: Mecklenburg nobility, 2. Edition, Neustrelitz: Gundlach, 1894Like this:Like Loading


Genealogy and Heraldry bourgeois families Austria – Hungary

Directory name in Genealogy and Heraldry: Those: H. Hermann: Genealogy and Heraldry bourgeois families Austria – Hungary, Vienna: 1899Like this:Like Loading


Handbook of gender associations and foundations

Handbuch der Geschlechtsverbände und Stiftungen Schon in zu den ältesten Zeiten mitteleuropäischer Christianisierung war es das fromme Bestreben der Kaiser und Edlen, by gifts of all kinds, the Church as a bastion of their spiritual lives, possible to consolidate and secure especially. Accordingly, the oldest foundations are the monasteries, where later the ore, High- und Collegialstifter […]


Collection on family research in Switzerland, Example: the coat of arms of Zurich role

Die Wappenrolle von Zürich ein heraldisches Denkmal des 14. Century in faithful color reproduction, mit den Wappen aus dem Hause zum Loch Quelle: Walther Merz: The coat of arms of Zurich role, Zurich: Füssli 1930 Older posts in this blog: Geschichte der Heraldischen Kunst in der Schweiz Jahrbuch für schweizerische Geschichte Aegidius Tschudy´s Wappenbuch schweizerischer Geschlechter Verzeichnis der […]


The detailed family annals of the piston in Straubing

Quite explicitly, it was the wish of the author, that this family book is not intended for the public, but only for the relatives. As a reason he gives, that the attacks on the family in the form of abusive letters etc. , whose honor was deeply hurt. The family elders was a writer named Joseph Kolb, […]


Directory of printed family histories of Germany and the neighboring countries

Obwohl in Adelslexika, genealogy pocket books and other works, often the stories of individual families are displayed extensive, it is the tiny details from different sources, which help us to carry extensive information together, To verify information to their voices and to discover relationships in other countries. It can help us this book. Those: Hans von Prittwitz […]


The princely court of Württemberg 9. to 19. Century

Württembergisches Dienerbuch   Aus dem Inhalt: Collaturen in fremden Herrschaften Verzeichnis der Äbte, Probste, Verwalter und Hofmeister Quelle: Emil Eberhard of Georgii-Georgenau: Princely Württembergisch servant Book of IX. to the nineteenth. Century, Stuttgart: Simon 1877Like this:Like Loading


Coat of Arms of the Count Album families in Germany and Austria-Hungary etc.

Gritzner: Coat of Arms of the Count Album families in Germany and Austria-Hungary etc. (digitized by the University- and State Library of Düsseldorf) What: Publisher Maximilian Gritzner: Coat of Arms of the Count Album families in Germany and Austria-Hungary etc. Leipzig: Weigel, 1885-1890 Bd. 1. Wappentafel 1 – 209 nebst Text ; A – D. 1885 Bd. 2. Wappentafel 210 – 384 nebst Text ; It […]

Chronicle of the Family of Gemmingen and their possessions

Family of Gemmingen goes on imperial immediacy, Alemannic back knights, which is headquartered in place Gemmingen (District of Heilbronn, Baden-Wurttemberg) had Kraichgau. Like this:Like Loading

Royal coat-Koenigshaus-Niederlande

Dutch Royal House: History of the House of Nassau-Orange

The house of Nassau-Orange – Summaries: Geschlechtstafel des Salischen Stammes und der Grafen von Nassau nach Kremer Geschlechtstafel der Grafen von Nassau und ihrer Stammverwandten bis zu Walram und OttoLike this:Like Loading


History of sex of men, Barons and earls of Puttkamer

History of sex of men, Barons and counts of Puttkamer download link: Like this:Like Loading


Warburg family trees: Genealogies of the families of the town of Warburg u. its neighboring cities

Genealogies of the families of the town of Warburg and its neighboring towns from 14. to the 18. Century the occasion of the 950th anniversary of the city Warburg are the genealogies of the families were presented, as vassals, Have the fate of nearly a thousand year old city played a decisive role ministeriales and Board performance sexes. Der Einfluss und die Bedeutung dieser Geschlechter beschränkten sich nicht […]


Church records as an important part of the genealogy

It is certainly very helpful and comfortable with the research, To have church books in digital form, and we all want the. The Mormons and the Polish State Archives have shown us in an exemplary manner, eg. at also described in this article and here. Like this:Like Loading


Colorized images of coats of arms of Schleswig-Holsteinischer, Danish and other noble families

Seven hundred and sixty nine colorized images of coats of arms of Schleswig-Holsteinischer, Dänischer und anderer adeliger FamilienLike this:Like Loading


The construction- and monuments of Thuringia

The construction- und Kunstdenkmäler Thüringens Prof. Dr. P. Lehfeldt: Construction- and monuments of Thuringia: Bd. IV. Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen: District Saalfeld (District Court Districts Saalfeld, Kranichfeld, Camburg, Grafenthal and Possneck) Jena, Gustav Fischer Verlag, 1892 Prof.. Dr. P. Lehfeldt: Construction- and monuments of Thuringia: Bd. III. Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen: Circle Sonnenberg (District Court Districts Sonnenberg, Steinach and Schalka) Jena, Gustav Fischer Verlag, 1899Like […]


The story of the noble family of Schwerin in three volumes

Noble family von Schwerin Rarely can a name safer to its source, be attributed to the origin of its formation, as the name of the sex of Schwerin. The place was formerly a new Schwerin Castle, the Noble Gunzelin Hagen had to replace the ruined old Wendish Castle Schwerin (die ihm von Heinrich dem Löwen […]


Working Group genealogy Osnabrück e. In. (Club News)

Tip for genealogists! The “Working Group genealogy Osnabrück” was established in February 1993 founded. He emerged from a course at the community college Osnabrück. The entry in the register in July 1996. The working group, which is recognized as a charitable, the following objectives: The association wants the investigation of persons, Families, Gender and social strata in the […]