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The Livonian at other universities in the past centuries


The Livonian on foreign universities Matrikelauszüge These are only a fragment, because it only 9 universities and not all include , have where Livonians studied in past centuries . But there can be but at least in part many important conclusions .

Certificate Book of the City of Hildesheim 996 to 1597


Content: Of c. 996 to 1346 Second Theitospan>.. Of 1347 to 1400 Third Part. Of 1401 to 1427 The fourth part. Of 1428 to 1450

Older university parish registers of the University of Frankfurt an der Oder


Older university parish registers (1506 – 1648) Band 1.1 Older university parish registers (1649 – 1811) Band 1.2 Older university parish registers: People- index volume and local 1.3

Matriculation and history of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University of Greifswald


The University of Greifswald was on 17. October 1456 with papal approval by Duke Wartislaw IX. of Pomerania-Wolgast inaugurated. 1437: Because inner-city riots left some professors 1419 University was founded there in the city of Rostock and Greifswald teach temporarily in (to 1443)

Micraelius: Antiquities Pomeraniae or six books of the old Pommernland


This is good news! Finally, as a digitized: Antiquities Pomeraniae or six books of the old Pommernland, 1639 to 1640 Content: 1. Book: First book of the Old State Pommer 2. Book: On the other book of the Old State Wendish Pomerania 3. Book: Third book of the Old Saxon country Pommer 4. Book: The first part of last year Pomeranian stories … and thus the Fourth Book of the Pomeranian country 5. Book: Book of the Year Fünfftes Pomeranian stories 6. Book: Sixth and last book,Pommer of the country's population of source and opportunity: Micraelius, John (1597-1658) : Antiquitates Pomeraniae  [...]