Deed books & Cadastral

The synopses of the city of Königsberg 1256 to the year 1524


Chronological overview of printed works collected, certificate from the existence of the Königsberg State Archives…

Database of students enrolled at the University of Rostock 1419-1945

In Rostock matriculation portal will be more than 80.000 Evidence made available to persons. Core of the portal are databases of registrations for the periods 1419-1831, 1831-1933 and 1933-1945. In addition, digital images of the original parish registers presented with some handwritten enrollments of students. Clicking allow an extension of the often very brief details of the database.

German students at Bologna from 1289-1562


Than the “Acta nationis Germanicae universitatis Bononiensis” Based on the in-house archive family Malvezzi kept remnants of the old account books and registers of the “German nation” were published at Bologna by order of Savigny-Stiftung, decided by the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences of the information contained in the Acts of personal names in a “Index biographicus” to leave work. This is the result.

Scholars of the Universities of Giessen and Marburg book


This book is ideal for family research: the names of the fellows are for years 1652-1690, 1720-1744 and 1748 to 1774 found mostly in the Giessen University Archives kept matriculation. Served for the other years for the part of Kilian Rudrauff scale diary. The information about their origin and life of the fellows are from several hundred volumes of personal files.

Calenberger Urkundenbuch


Important for the study of history as a collector and editor of documents and other things known as publisher of the book Calenberger deed was William Castle of testicular (7.5.1786-1861) Calenberger deed book volume 1: Archives of the Monastery Barsinghausen band 3: Archiv des Stifts Loccum. Hanover 1858 Band 4: Marienroder Urkundenbuch. Hanover 1859 Band 5: Archives of the Monastery Mariensee. 1858 Band 6: Archives of the Monastery Marienwerder band 7: Archives of the Monastery Wennigsen band 8: Archives of the Monastery Wülfinghausen band 9: Archives of the Monastery Wunstorf