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Certificate Book of the Duchy of Styria

Book of the instrument Нerzogthums Styria. 2 Bd. 1192 – 1246 / edited by J. in. Tooth ; in demand on the part of the K. K. Ministry of Culture and Education, the Steierm. Diet and the Steierm. Sparcasse in Graz published by historical societies for the Duchy of Styria Styria Urkundenbuch. 3 Bd. 1246 – 1260 / edited by J. […]

Livonian- Is- Courland and deed books

Life, Esth and Curlandisches Urkundenbuch together Regesten. 1 Band. 1093-1300 / edited by Dr. Friedrich Georg von Bunge Liv-, Est and Curlandisches Urkundenbuch together Regesten. 2 Band. 1301-1367 / edited by Dr. Frederich Georg von Bunge Liv-, Est and kurländisches Urkundenbuch. Abt. 2, Bd. 2: 1501-1505 / ed. Leonid Arbuzov / founded by F. G. in. Bunge, […]

Matriculation at the University of Copenhagen 1611 to 1829

The University of Copenhagen in 1479 founded and is on the University of Uppsala, the second oldest university in Scandinavia and adjacent to the University of Aarhus, the most prestigious in the country.  Like this:Like Loading

Students at the University of Copenhagen 1479 to 1611

The University of Copenhagen 1479 founded by royal decree, under the name Universitas Hafniensis. In addition to Roman Catholic theology was initially Law, Taught medicine and philosophy. 1537 reached the Lutheran Reformation, the University, The seminar was converted into a Protestant. Dieses Datum gilt heute als alternatives Gründungsdatum und ist auch auf dem offiziellen Siegel der […]

Codex Diplomaticus Saxoniae Regiae

Der Codex diplomaticus Saxoniae (CDS) is the basic source material on the medieval history of Saxony. It collects in a first main part of the charters of the Margrave of Meissen and Landgrave of Thuringia, in einem zweiten Hauptteil die Urkunden der sächsischen Städte und geistlichen Institutionen einschließlich der Urkunden und der Matrikel der Universität Leipzig und wird künftig in einem […]

Liechtenstein Urkundenbuch

The first part of the Liechtenstein deed book (I LUB) contains the sources for the history of Liechtenstein to the year 1416 (Extinction of the Counts of Vaduz line of mountain-Sargans). Edited, the sources in the archives in Liechtenstein, of Switzerland (particularly St. Gallen and Graubünden), Vorarlberg, Innsbruck and South Germany. The second part of the LUB has been 1997 in […]

Deed book in the history of the Lower Rhine

Deed book in the history of the Lower Rhine and the Cologne archbishopric, principalities of Julich and Berg, Funds, Meurs, Cleves and Mark, and the kingdom of pins Elten, Food and becoming; Bd. 1. Of the year 779 to 1200 including from the sources in the Royal Provincial Archives to Dusseldorf and in the churches- and city archives of the province, vollständig und […]

Codex Pomeraniae Vicinarumque Terrarum Diplomaticus

Title: Friederich von Dreger, weyl. Royal Prussian Geheimten Finantz-Rath, Codex Pomeraniae Vincinarumque Terrarum Diplomaticus: Or certificates, then the Pomeranian-Rügianisch- and Caminschen, also the neighboring countries, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg, Prussia and Poland to address, consisting of nothing but original research, or at least archiuischen copies in chronological order, compiled and illustrated with notes. (I. Band up to the year 1269 […]

Codex diplomaticus Silesiae (Collection of documents on the history of Silesia)

The collection of books with the title deed Codex diplomaticus Silesiae the history of Silesia has been published since the last third of the 19. Century by the Association for History and Antiquity of Silesia. This collection of all “online ” volumes available in the DjVu format, I would like to present chronologically:Like this:Like Loading

Selected documents on the history of Württemberg

From the contents: Inscription from the chapel of the castle of Württemberg transfer Elfingen imperial fief of the monastery Maulbronn. Peace treaty with King Rudolf, Count Eberhard the Illustrious. Surrender of the city of Stuttgart to the imperial city of Esslingen. Like this:Like Loading

Codex Falkensteinensis

The “Codex Falkensteinensis” or “Falkensteiner Codex” belongs to the genus of the source books tradition. The Code takes in the tradition of books has a special position, because he is the only surviving medieval tradition book of a highly secular nobility, während die anderen Traditionsbücher ausschließlich von geistlichen Grundherrschaften stammen.Like this:Like Loading

Urkundenregesten the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich

Urkundenregesten the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich, Bd. 4 (1401-1415) Urkundenregesten the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich, Bd. 5 (1416-1430) Urkundenregesten the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich, Bd. 6 (1431-1445) Urkundenregesten the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich, Bd. 7 (1446-1460) Like this:Like Loading

Deed books and Universitätsmatrikel source for research

As a charter book is known in history, a printed collection of medieval and early modern documents from a content, geographical or factual connection. In previous publications and on the German-speaking countries is not common Diplomatarium, otherwise similar conceptions in the language. Codex is also common in older editions diplomaticus. Weitere Urkundenbücher und Matrikel findet ihr hier:Like […]