Deed books & Cadastral

Deed book of the ancient Saxon Franciscan provinces


The largest province of the Franciscan Order in the Middle Ages, the Saxon, the 1223 with the monastery at Hildesheim began in 120 Houses over the whole northern Germany on the Weser to the Narva was distributed.

Is- and Livonian charging letter: a collection of documents for the nobility- goods and history


Estonian and Livonian charging letter : a collection of documents and goods to the nobility history Estonia and Livonia, in translations and extracts, Danish and religious time. Bd. 1 and Bd. 2

Busiest in the charters of the monastery Kolbatz


Kolbacz (German Kolbatz, to 1910 Colbatz) is a village in the Polish province of West Pomerania, and belongs to the rural community of starlings Czarnowo (Neumark in Pomerania) in a circle Gryfino (Greifenhagen)

Deed books of the City of Brunswick


I have just band 7 and 8 the deed books discovered! The data were provided courtesy of the city archives available Braunschweig. The deed book of the City of Brunswick was a scientific long-term project. The idea for an edition of the medieval sources of the City of Brunswick is on the 1000 anniversary of Braunschweig 1861 back. Until the completion of the first volume, published in installments (1873), of the most important legal evidence from the period up 1671 contains, however, should not take more than ten years. In unregelmäßigen Abständen erschienen dann die Bände 2  [...]

The records of the Albertus University of Königsberg


The matriculation certificate and the Albertina University in Königsberg: The first volume covers the years 1544 to 1656, the second – 1657-1829, the third contains the list of names and places, from which the students came.