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Album Curonorum: Members Directory of Curonia 1808 to 1883


The Historical Commission of Curonia it had in years 1873 the task of , compile a list of the former Corps fellows .

The deed books of the family of Krosigk ( from the angle )


History of the family of Krosigk : The family is Frankish origin , as also mentioned in the Saxon Mirror , with Charlemagne came to Saxony . The tribe series begins with Dedo I. , documented 1103. The family castle and possessions on the mountain north of Peter Hall , which still bear the name of the family . However, they were already in the middle of the 13. Jhs . sold to the Archbishop of Magdeburg .

Luther page Related: A complement to Luther descendants book


Luther page Related: Es ist Otto Sartorius (1864-1947) thanks to the theologians and genealogists, that there is this release , because he himself came from Martin Luther and devoted himself extensively researching descendants of Luther . It was also of the Sartorius Lutheriden Association founded. His works are the basis for Luther Research . These collaterals include among others, the branch of the pastor to Glienick , Hermann Liesegang * 28.9.1865 Born Perleberg and his wife Marie Elisabeth Prasser * 29.7.1869 in Elberfeld. I am very interested[...]

Wilhelm Gottlieb Soldan: History of the witch trials


Wilhelm Soldan (1803-1869) came from a family of scholars Hessian school teacher was at the ducal . Gymnasium in Gießen , where he worked until shortly before his death . Besides his official duties, he devoted himself with great zeal and success historical studies , whose results were published in a number of those more excellent works . Best known is his "history of witch processes", the today , almost half a century after its creation , general reputation among scholars delighted . (1. Auflage Stuttgart 1843. A second edition was from Soldan's after his death[...]

Contribution to family history of sex Bünsow under six centuries


The Greifswaldische branch of sex Bünsow: Beginning with John and Caspar (Jaspar Bünsow, Notes to Bünsow Foundation, the grave stones of the family in the Greifswald Bünsow churches, History of the goods and Bugewitz Heidemühl.