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The Graupenstrasse – Experienced and suffered in Nordhausen, Buchwald and Waldheim


This testimony of contemporary history was recently “reissued” In the book “The Graupenstraße” describes Nordhäuser Werner Rathsfeld his interrogations in the NKVD cellars and his seven-year ordeal in the internment in Buchenwald and Waldheim. He vividly describes the inhumane practices of the Soviet occupiers and their German helpers, but also the all-conquering power of love and Mesnchlichkeit. Moving is the account of his wife Ursula Rathsfeld, which had to secure at this difficult time the family's survival in Nordhausen. Without the support of relatives and friends[...]

August Wilhelm Bernhardt Uechtritz: Diplomatic News adeliche families concerning


Diplomatic News noble families , Contents: Bd. 1 : in. Amelunxen, in. Anckelmann, in. Beulwitz, in. Gersdorff, in. Krohne, in. Uechtritz, in. Zezschwitz, in. Vittinghoff Bd. 2 : in. Berlepsch, in. width belly , in. Bunau , in. Dürfeld, in. Geusau, in. Loeben, in. Poellnitz , in. Rothe, in. Wilcke, in. Pfuhl Bd. 3 : in. Brandenstein, in. Braxein , in. Burgdorff, in. Dersinhau, in. Einsiedel, in. Hohenthal, in. Kiesewetter, in. Salza u . Lichfield, in. Schoenberg, in. Zanthier , in. Ziegler u. Klipphausen Bd. 4 : in. Brandenstein, in. Carlowitz, in. Dallwitz ,  [...]

The Livonian at other universities in the past centuries


The Livonian on foreign universities Matrikelauszüge These are only a fragment, because it only 9 universities and not all include , have where Livonians studied in past centuries . But there can be but at least in part many important conclusions .

Historical and Biographical Dictionary of Switzerland


Historical and Biographical Dictionary of Switzerland For many years was the Historical and Biographical Dictionary of Switzerland ( HBLS ) the most important reference work on the history of Switzerland , with many biographical articles .

Viljandi in Estonia: The citizens Felliner book 1728 to 1889


Fellin were from the Grand Master William of Endorpe the city rights in 1283 awarded. Beginning of the 14. Felin century belonged to the Hanseatic League and was a major hub on the trade route to and from Russia. In 1558 the city fell to the Tsar, 1582 they came under Polish rule and in 17. Century Sweden had the say. Viljandi is today an important center of Southern Estonia, and capital of the district Viljandimaa. Georg von Freymann: The citizens Felliner book 1728-1889, after the original Felliner[...]