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Focus of this digital library, electronic resources (eBooks, Digital documents in PDF and DjVu) about genealogy, So everything related to genealogy, Genealogy, Family history, Heraldry, Sphragistik, Onomastics, Name meaning and family trees, etc..

August Wilhelm Hupel: Nordische Miscellaneen und Neue Nordische Miscellaneen 1781 to 1798

In the retrospective digitization of Bielefeld University Library, I have already pointed out in a separate article. Such development work includes the complete issues “Nordischen Miscellaneen“ and “New Nordic Miscellaneen“. On the side of the Bielefeld University Library, all items can be easily read on a table of contents and controlled directly, während die Universität Tartu alle diese Ausgaben als […]


The Protestant clergy in East- and West Prussia since the Reformation

Concise messages from everyone since the Reformation the Protestant churches in West Prussia salaried preachers : at the instigation of the Royal Consistory, by Ludwig Rhesa (1776-1840) Kaliningrad, 1834 Concise messages from all since 1775 the Protestant churches in East Prussia salaried preachers : as a continuation of Arnold Chen Presbyterologie on the initiative of the Royal Consistory, by Ludwig Rhesa […]


History of the Silesian family of the Counts uradligen Posadowsky-Wehner

The sex is part of the Silesian nobility Posadowsky and has its home in the right upper shore between Oels , Bernstadt and Brieg. It is descended from the ancient race of Habdancks, whose coat of arms, they also lead – a reliable feature of Community origin. It differs from, for example, in the colors. The arms of the Counts Posadowsky-Wehner, Freiherrn von […]

Bookplate: Books about the ex-libris online and digitized as

Was revived by the ex-libris 1880 you. a. by the founder of modern etchings Max Klinger. The bookplate experienced at this time a big boost, which showed itself in an enormous variety of topics and in the formation of collector circles. 1891 was the German ex-libris Club (today: German ex-libris Society) founded. Besonders im Jugendstil erwachte das Exlibris zu neuer […]

Pfarrkirche St. Vitus

Sources and research on the history of the district Wiedenbrück

A mammoth task, Dr. phil. Franz Xaver Flaskamp (1890-1985) as a historian, Archivist and author in Wiedenbrück during his life with his publications and left handles. Overall, he was the author of more than 100 Publications. These include the importance for us genealogists citizens lists, Book of the Dead, Traubücher und Taufbücher.Like this:Like Loading…


Historical contributions to families of Nördlingen (Swabia)

Nördlingen is a large district in the Swabian district of Donau-Ries in Bavaria. The former Free Imperial City is the largest city in the county. Historically well-documented is the story of the witch hunt in this place, associated with the name Friedrich Wilhelm Lutz (1551-1597) as a critic of witchcraft trials, and Sebastian Roettinger (1537-1608) als Bürgermeister und Hexenjäger.Like this:Like Loading…


Contributions to the history of the sex of uradeligen Stojentin in Pomerania

According to the chroniclers of old Pomeranian belonging to the oldest of the Stojentin, most respected and wealthiest families of the former Duchy of Pomerania. The family name can only Stojentin to 14. August 1341 lead back; but the first bearer of the name proves, that is already very old at that time the family, been powerful and wealthy must be. Like […]

Collection: History sheets of the German Huguenot Society

The word Huguenot is a term of disputed origin of language. In France, it is effective for 1551 detectable, He was considered a dirty word, before the Protestants themselves so called. In Prussia was the first word is not used, here were referred to the refugees as Réfugiés, their settlement area as a French colony. It was not until 1900 setzte sich auch […]


History of the Lake Parish (Oberlausitz) Burgers vector in the Roth

The history of the parish lake forms the content of this publication. Were based on the oldest church book, it comprises the time of 1640 to 1745 with a total 493 Pages, the 2. Church of the book with the annual 1755 begins and 1799 concludes, the third of which is the time 1800 to 1839 and a fourth is starting 1840. Aus diesen […]


List of citizens of the city of Zurich for the period 1819 to 1892

Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1819 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1821 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1827 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1830 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1832 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1834 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1845 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1851 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1858 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1861 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1864 […]

The Protestant clergy at the Martin Church in Churchill from the Reformation to the present

Since the year 1537 was the Protestant clergy expressly granted the right, the supervision of their preachers to lead themselves, eliminate unsuitable candidates and personalities, who came from out of town, to undergo an examination. The certificate, in principle, the Reformed doctrine recognized, has received a copy remained. During the whole 16. Jahrhundert war der […]


The Kassel Bürgerbuch (1520 to 1699) after the original in the city archives

The publication of the Kassel citizens book is intended for the local historian and genealogist of the most profitable draws. The original consists of 64 Parchment leaves in folio with a strong wooden cover and pressed leather coat with brass fittings. The division of the Codex is following: on page 1 is the coat of arms painted on, the right of a wild man, links von einem […]


The citizens of the Estonian city of Pärnu book (Pärnu) of 1615 to 1797

The reason for the people working on this book, it was, To obtain a complete picture of the population of this city of Livonia. The author was due to address the issue of, how many generations of one family were staying in the city, especially in the female line. It is just seen as influential to the plague of 1710 zwischen schwedischer und […]


Heraldry in the service of Shakespeare studies

The documentary sources of his life story of the baptism to the time, Shakespeare in the first poet reaped laurels, have many gaps in. Shakespeare, baptized 26.4.1564, came from a wealthy father's country-established yeoman sex and mother of a noble family, which was one of the oldest and noblest of England. As for his education, so hatte der Vater als Oberbürgermeister […]


Contributions to the family genealogy Altfrankfurter

This is the genealogical research of Herbert de Bary (uradelige family from Barry at Tournai in Belgium) with his 64 Suspect, , then, the 16 Ahnen seiner Großeltern de Bary-Jeanrenaud und Osterried-de Neufville anlässlich der Goldenen Hochzeit am 18. July 1922 with the exact sources and excerpts from documents and chronicles. Die vorliegenden Ahnentafeln geben nicht […]


Bluntschli's state dictionary in three volumes : based on d. dt. State dictionary of Bluntschli u. Brater in 11 Volumes

Johann Caspar Bluntschli (7. March 1808 in Zurich – 21. October 1881 in Karlsruhe) was a Swiss legal scholar and politician, Germany was also active in the. His works “General State Law 1852″ and the “German state dictionary” in 11 Volumes (1857–1870, together with Karl Brater) fanden in der ganzen Welt große Beachtung.Like this:Like Loading…