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Porter studbook for 1543-1893 350th foundation anniversary of the country's Royal Pforta


Pförtner Stammbuch Im Jahre 1843 erschien zur dritten Säkularfeier der königlichen Landesschule Pforta unter dem TitelPförtner Albumein Verzeichnis sämtlicher Lehrer und Schüler. Als Grundstein für das hier genannte Werk diente dasBittchersche Album”. Die Fortführung der Neuaufstellung von 1843 bis zur Gegenwart wurde gefördert durch die Bestrebungen des Vereins ehemaliger Fürstenschüler in in Dresden.

The history of the noble family of those Alvensleben (Handwriting)


The family history of those ULB Sachsen-Anhalt has Alvensleben of the complete family history of those digitized Alvensleben. The remarkable thing – it is the manuscripts, made by the patronage preacher Eimersleben, Gottlieb Leberecht Zarnack in 1772 to 1776.

William of Holleben: Contributions to the history of the family of Holleben


The family of Holleben The annual 1883 Benno had died of Holleben after long and detailed studies, a source document book as “Contributions to the history of the Lords of Holleben” compiled. The above work is based on its preliminary.

contributions to the history of the house Neufville since the immigration of the family to Germany


[gn_heading style="1"] contributions to the history of the house Neufville [/gn_heading] The “de Neufville” came as Reformed Protestant refugees to Frankfurt . The family originated from the county of Artois . In 1575 were Robert and Sebastian citizens of the city . Two years later, married Sebastian (1545-1609) mit der Anna Cochx (Cook) and quickly came through his cloth trade to large fortune . He was the founder of the Frankfurt branch. Son Sebastian (1581-1634) extended trade to silk , gems and metals and the assets increased considerably .

The abbots Pelplin Rembowski: Unfortunate and blessed times 1563-1649


Pelplin , once a famous abbey , since 1824 residence of the bishops of Culm , in an area surrounded by small hills valley is , by the heel winds , which flows into the Vistula at Mewe . By the year 1887 Pelplin belonged to a circle Pr . Stargard, since then of the county was assigned Dirschauer . An abbot was at the head of a monastery ; in his hands was the ultimate management . He took the monastery to the outside and took the name of that all contracts and documents . He led a special[...]