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Historical and Biographical Dictionary of Switzerland

  Historisch-Biographisches Lexikon der Schweiz Über viele Jahre hinweg war das Historisch-Biographische Lexikon der Schweiz ( HBLS ) the most important reference work on the history of Switzerland , with many biographical articles . It was published by the General Historical Research Society in Switzerland in the years 1921-1934 published by Victor Attinger and included 7 more Bände Supplement . Der heutige Nachfolger des […]


Publ-Gruber: General Encyclopedia of Sciences and Arts

The Universal Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Arts (Ersch short-Gruber) is a comprehensive, Scientific Encyclopedia, of the 1818 to 1889 First of John Samuel and Johann Gottfried Gruber Ersch and edited by 400 Scholars has been developed. It comprises 167 Text-books of almost 79.000 Pages in three sections and 1 Plate volume as well as several panel inserts. The work was […]


Useful list of all towns in the province of Brandenburg

List of all towns in the province of Brandenburg : with an attachment for the border towns of the province of Posen-West Prussia : indicating the population, the circle, Office of the District Court, the railway station and post office, through which the delivery of mail is performed. Those: List of all towns in the province of Brandenburg, processed by the Regional Directorate of Potsdam, Berlin 1927Like this:Like Loading…

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German-foreign-language and foreign-German town directory

German-foreign-language and foreign-German town directory for all of the German Empire in the Treaty of Versailles by the 28. June 1919 ceded territories of Alsace-Lorraine einschlieβlich : with an appendix : List of village of Austrian Silesia to Poland ceded lands. Dieses gesamte dreiteilige Ortsverzeichnis stellt das einzige amtliche Druckwerk auf diesem Gebiet dar.Like this:Like Loading…


Dietmanns Saxon Pfarrerbuch

To study the history of each parish families, but also the history of the village church, books are the pastor an indispensable aid. Exist for each region of Germany to, sometimes detailed but also partially defective Publications. One reason this works is “The whole of the unamended Augsp. Confession thane delivered in the electorate of Saxony priesthood and those incorporated, auch einigen angrenzenden […]


The pharmacies and pharmacists Kurland

The oldest pharmacy in Courland was Duke Gotthard and his first court apothecary Limbecker 1578 established in the castle Mitauschen. Soon after the appointment of the first Hofapothekers must also be approximately 1600 been established the pharmacy in the city of David his Mitau. At 1700 existed in Kurland unless the court pharmacy or 9 more, das steigerte sich […]


Court- and the State handbook of the Duchy of Brunswick

The official address of the Duchy of Brunswick with a hierarchical structure of public authorities, Functionaries, Officials and state employees. With a representation of the yard- and political system, including all court officials with genealogical notes and names. It also contains statements about tax and business structure, the topography, and some important events in the annals of political life. Die Staatskalender sind eine gute Sekundärquelle für viele Fragen […]

Wagener's State- and corporate lexicon

Hermann Wagener, important journalist and politician (Founder of the Conservative party in Prussia) was on 8.3.1815 Born into a pastor's son at Neuruppin Segelitz. After studying law and an appointment as Assessor v in a trust in which later became President of Upper Pomerania. Senfft-Pilsach and the former home- and domain Minister Anton Graf v. Stolberg-Wernigerode. 1847 was […]

Biographical and bibliographical sources encyclopedia of musicians and music scholars

Robert Eitner's source encyclopedia, the classic musical of sources and to this day an essential reference for musicologist, Musician, Librarians and antiquarians, Full text is available as a digitized. In this electronic edition, on the basis of the first edition of the work by Breitkopf & Härtel (Leipzig, 1900-1904) created by Nicola Schneider 2007-2008, wurde die Anordnung des Textes bis auf die Zeilenumbrüche […]