Court- and the State handbook of the Duchy of Brunswick


The official address of the Duchy of Brunswick with a hierarchical structure of public authorities, Functionaries, Officials and state employees. With a representation of the yard- and political system, including all court officials with genealogical notes and names. It also contains statements about tax and business structure, the topography, and some important events in the annals of political life. The State Calendars are a great secondary source of many questions of national history and management history.

Wagener's State- and corporate lexicon

Hermann Wagener, important journalist and politician (Founder of the Conservative party in Prussia) was on 8.3.1815 Born into a pastor's son at Neuruppin Segelitz. After studying law and an appointment as Assessor v in a trust in which later became President of Upper Pomerania. Senfft-Pilsach and the former home- and domain Minister Anton Graf v. Stolberg-Wernigerode. 1847 He was taken by Konsistorialassessor recommendation as to Magdeburg. Social policy was almost the exclusive field of his activity. He took conservative Social Democrat Rudolf Meyer approached the. Desgleichen befreundete er  [...]

Biographical and bibliographical sources encyclopedia of musicians and music scholars

Robert Eitner's source encyclopedia, the classic musical of sources and to this day an essential reference for musicologist, Musician, Librarians and antiquarians, ist als digitalisierter Volltext erhältlich. In this electronic edition, on the basis of the first edition of the work by Breitkopf & Härtel (Leipzig, 1900-1904) created by Nicola Schneider 2007-2008, was the arrangement of the text to retain the line breaks, so that a comparison with the original version is guaranteed at all times.

Dansk biografisk Lexikon (Denmark's Biographical Dictionary)

Has been published in three editions. The first edition under the title “Dansk biografisk Lexikon” also comprising Norway für period 1537-1814, appeared in 19 Volumes of 1887 to 1905. Editor Carl Frederik Bricka, ISIS boghandels Publishing. All editions are available as digitized.

Always ready with the right saying the quote encyclopedia

Daniel Sanders *12. November 1819 in Strelitz + 11. March 1897 in Strelitz, known as a German linguist and lexicographer, Poet and translator. And he also offered here, this collection of quotations, Proverbs, Phrases and sentences with the title “Citatenlexikon”.