German-foreign-language and foreign-German town directory

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German-foreign-language and foreign-German town directory for all of the German Empire in the Treaty of Versailles by the 28. June 1919 ceded territories of Alsace-Lorraine einschlieβlich : with an appendix : List of village of Austrian Silesia to Poland ceded lands. This entire three-part local directory is the only official printed work is in this area.

Releases of Copernicus Association for Science and Art of Thorn


At the 7. January 1878 appear to have decided the Copernicus Association releases its magazine as a staple in casual. In the years 1878 to 1882 Four issues were published. 1886 and 1887 the 5. and 6. Issue. With the 7. Issue in 1892 was the editor of Arthur Semrau on.

Official designations, Professional- and professional designations from Altpreussen


What is the number of globally active genealogist is suggesting only, But this growing community is undoubtedly one of the largest on the Internet.

Dietmanns Saxon Pfarrerbuch


To study the history of each parish families, but also the history of the village church, books are the pastor an indispensable aid. Exist for each region of Germany to, sometimes detailed but also partially defective Publications. One reason this works is “The whole of the unamended Augsp. Confession thane delivered in the electorate of Saxony priesthood and those incorporated, and some adjacent lands … / ausgefertiget by Karl Gottlob Dietmann“, which is now in the digital library of the University of Halle online. Karl Gottlob Dietmann Pfarrer, Church historian, Publicist, Writer * 5.2.1721 Grunau bei  [...]

Presbyterologie of Protestant Silesia

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Churches- preacher and history of cities and principalities Brieg, Breslau, Great Glogau and the principalities and Crossen Carolat-Bytom comprehensive.