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Update: Church book copies from Pomerania FamilySearch

FamilySearch provides for some time or the Evangelical Church of Pomerania books from the following parishes. circles available online . Office or District : Anklam – Krien , Wegezin , St. Nikolai , St. Mary Arnswalde – Schlagenthin : Reichenbach Bublitz - Bublitz and Porst Cammin - Kunow, United Weckow, Zebbin, Martenthin St., < – Bublitz und Porst Cammin – Kunow, Groß Weckow, Zebbin , Martenthin, St. Nikolai Demmin – Demmin, Alt Plestlin , Sophienhof Dramburg – […]

The Family History of African nobility Meis 1570 to 1820

The parish registers of Ephorie Grossenhain were first along the same ( Riesa , Zadel , Zscheila 1548) in the larger towns ( Grossenhain 1568, Elsterwerda 1575) and in the more important parishes (Ebersbach 1567, Glaubitz , Kmehlen, Ponickau , Sacka , Zeithain ca. 1580) created. Shortly after the third church visitation of the year 1575 they came into general use . Kirchenbücher beinhalten nicht einfach dürre und […]

Digital church records duplicates from the circles Regenwalde, Schlochau, Labes and German crown

Subsequent church books are digitized Schlochau from the district and county in the former rain forest Pomerania, and in the group German crown in the county Marienwerder. Die Duplikate des Kirchenbuchs von Bernsdorf und Rosenfelde – Pfarre Klaushagen, Kreis Regenwalde Die Kirchenbuchs Duplikate von Bonin – Pfarre Labes, Kreis Regenwalde Die Kirchenbuchs Duplikate von Gross und Klein Borckenhagen, Reckow and Kohn […]


List of all births in the Nicolai church in Greifswald, in the year 1701 to 1816

The Digital Library of Mecklenburg published the above-mentioned multi-volume work: List of all natives of Greifswald in the Nicolai church and baptized with a register of all children born in wedlock and an extra register of all illegitimate from the period 1701-1746 List of all common native of Greifswald in the Nicolai of the year 1792 to 1816

Pfarrkirche St. Vitus

Sources and research on the history of the district Wiedenbrück

A mammoth task, Dr. phil. Franz Xaver Flaskamp (1890-1985) as a historian, Archivist and author in Wiedenbrück during his life with his publications and left handles. Overall, he was the author of more than 100 Publications. These include the importance for us genealogists citizens lists, Book of the Dead, Wedding Books and baptismal records.


Akta Generalia concerning the collection of duplicate church records of the District Court and City Baldenburg

Wikipedia writes about the history of Baldenburg: The region, was founded in the city later Baldenburg, included in the 12. and 13. Century to the dominion of the royal house of Samboriden. After they died, he came as a result of succession dispute pomerellischen 1309 to the Teutonic Order and made a part of the Commandery of the Order state Schlochau. Die Christianisierung war […]

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Church records from the church records of the district in Pomerania Cammin

The above publication was issued by the State Minister Ernst Matthias von Köller (1841-1928) It also comes from the “Certificate Book of the Pomeranian sex von Köller 1280-1900 and the genealogy of the family of Hindenburg”. Who can provide further information on the following excerpt from Church: Daniel von Hoff called Rambow? Those: Köller, Ernst Matthias von: Kirchenbuchauszüge aus den Kirchenbüchern des Kreises […]

Digitised parish registers on Ebay

Ebay in the church book duplicates are available from the following communities: Alverdissen, Lieme and Lemgo, Wermelskirchen, Heiden (Lip) Elbrinxen, Aldekerk, Afden St. Gertrude, Breberen St. Maternus, Dremmen St. Lambert, Simmerath St. Johann, Moers et seq. reformed, Borth, Büderich and Ginderich, Orsoy ev. reformed, Juchen St. James, Augustdorf, Euskirchen, Hoexter, Corvey, Dhünn, Korschenbroich, Wipperfürth, Meinberg, Lipperode, Amelunxen, Neukirchen, Würselen, Varenholz, […]

Processing of Birkenfeld church records

Important and valuable family historical materials offer the church books in general, moreover, they give us insight into the culture- and folklore. The church records Birkenfeld (their 1. Part is present here) are almost completely since it was introduced after the Reformation 1568 geblieben.Aber also received from neighboring, once zweibrückischen Achtelsbach has a book to church 1573 get. […]

Parish registers and population censuses in the Danish State Archives

All traditional Danish church records to 1925 are included in the digitization project. A previous “Free” Registration is required. Censuses are 1787 to 1925 available. The Danish Demographic Database provides a search of various sources: Census, an emigrant database and the immigrants. In the census, only the historic areas of the Kingdom of Denmark, nicht aber das Gebiet […]